• Can a unit use their Close Combat special ability when making defensive fire attacks?
    Also does the Tiger’s ability to disrupt a soldier when it enters a hex apply before the soldier would recieve the defensive fire in his hex. ie Thereby preventing the use of such abilities as Close Combat (if the answer to the above question is yes).


  • I gathered from previous posts that the Tiger disrupts the soldier immediately however if I understand the defensive fire rules the soldier can take his defensive fire shot as the Tiger exits the hex so he isn’t actually in the soldier’s hex yet.

  • I thought you could choose which hex you did the defensive fire into.  So if he was in your hex and left but stayed adjacent then you could pick the hex that would benefit you the most

  • yeah i thought the same thing, you could take a shoot at someone as long as they were in your hex, or in a hex that is touching yours. im i way off, have i been doing this wrong the whole time? :x

  • Founder TripleA Admin

    No, you two are correct. You get to choose the hex that recieves defensive fire. If a Tiger is approaching your bazooka and you want to chance it, you could choose to defensive fire on the adjacent hex and if you’re lucky you can disrupt it and prevent it from entering your hex. But usually in that situation I simply let the tank enter the hex so I can get shots on the rear armor.

  • true, but since the tiger disrupts your bazooka as it enters your hex, do you have the attacking penalty or does it only apply after the assault phase?  In other words, can you stack movement phase hits (defensive fire) and assault phase hits as such:

    1 hit in defensive fire
    1 hit in assault phase

    is the tiger disrupted or damaged?

  • Founder TripleA Admin

    When you receive defensive fire the results are immediate. You get a face up counter. So you would be disrupted. You would have a face up disrupted counter and a face down disrupted counter.

    If you are the bazooka and say you attack the adjacent hex and luckily get a hit, then the Tiger is disrupted immediately and must stop moving in that adjacent hex.

  • Haven’t quite got my question answered. By djensen’s response I gather you can use a special ability as part of defensive fire. Now the Tiger disrupts when it enters the hex, does that unit become disrupted before it can make a defensive fire attack, within that hex? (Note: A disrupted unit can not make defensive fire attacks.) Or does it get the defensive fire attack at the rear armor, with it’s close attack, then become disrupted?

  • actually, what i’d like to know is whether the tiger’s ability drops a face-up or face-down disrupted counter on units.

    i would say if it were face-down, naturally the soldier could fire defensive fire AND an attack phase if one came after. 
    if the counter were face-down, i would argue that the tiger’s ability would prevent that soldier from firing defensive fire.
    there’s no particular reason, just that it seems up in the air to me about which occurs first, and i favor the tiger being able to stop the defensive fire 🙂

  • Here is the rule as reinforced by Avalon Hill.

    The Tiger immediately disrupts a soldier unit upon entering the hex (face-up counter).  This happens before defensive force occurs in that hex.  Units with face-up disrupted counters cannot perform defensive fire.

    So, in order to stop the Tiger tank from using its special ability (remember- special abilities trump the rules, as explained at the back of the starter set rule book), a soldier unit must employ its defensive fire while the Tiger is in the adjacent hex.  Most soldier units don’t have enough attack dice to equal the Tiger’s frontal defense of 7, so the Tiger will have no problem moving into the hex.

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