• ok, i found it. now i understand how you play this game online.


  • '19 Moderator

    RB, what Town do you live in?  I work with AutoCAD and have access to a plotter, it might be cool to see the map you made and even try it out…

  • I think tommorow I will post the pics (today I made a test with my plotter, made a little mistake with hex size - too little).

    To answer your question, the town is Arad, country Romania (Eastern Europe).
    I am a little sad that Popular Collections http://www.popularcollections.com/axalmi.html (from where I ordered by Internet the cases) are not responding to me for almost 4 weeks now… they received the payment but… nothing. What do you recommend I do?

    best regards,

  • You may want to call to confirm when they shipped the package.  They have a phone number listed, if that an option for you.

  • '19 Moderator

    If you would like Email or PM me the details and I will call for you, I don’t know if they will discuss it with me, but I imagine that’s an expensive phone call for you.

    btw. I had a layover in Bucharest once it was dark and I was only there for an hour, Maybe someday I will take a longer trip 😉

  • The thing is that they answered two of my emails… every time they said “it’s ready to be sent… we will ship it in the next days, we where waiting for a case”… now I am waiting another day for an email answer from them, else I will call them. It’s just not right that they take the money and then… nothing, not a word.

    Thank you for your support, as I said, I will call and if i can’t reach them by phone maybe you can  help me then. I still hope it will turn out ok.

    Bucharest is the Capital city of Romania, I live in the western part of Romania, near the border with Hungary more or less. When you will have your next “stop” in Romania, hopefully it will be in the western part of the country so we can meet for a beer.

    ps= I hope you weren’t scared about what you have seen in Bucharest, is not really the best city of Romania, but I guess it depends in which year you saw it.

    best regards

  • While you are waiting, drop over to the play-by-forum section and join us for an on-line match!

  • @dezrtfish

    i have some photos of the map i was talking about, from today’s skirmish. if you want, i can send them by email to you.


  • '19 Moderator

    I like to see them, use the email link under my picture on the left

  • ok, I sent you an email… hope you get it, it was some 6 mb.

    sorry for the off-topic.

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