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  • Hello all,

    So my copy of 1939 got in yesterday and I had my first game today.  Well, by game I mean my buddies and I spent damn near 3 hours just to get through one round of turns.  We’re all seasoned G40 players but this is a whole new beast.

    While we were playing, a few interesting questions came up, and to my knowledge they don’t seem to have clear answers in the 7.2 rulebook.  As far as I can tell, these rules are very comprehensive and clear to someone who has been following them from their inception, but alas I am a novice plunging straight into new rules and I feel like I’m missing some stuff.  Any answers/links to clarifications/things that will help are greatly appreciated!


    1 - If Germany decides to make a Vichy French government and for a ship rolls a 1-2 (replace french ship with German ship), can that ship move on German noncombat move that very turn it was converted?

    2 - When the rulebook says that the minor axis powers of Finland, Hungary, Bulgaria, and Romania are only worth certain sums of money to Germany, does that mean that Germany collects this money once they activate them, while the countries themselves also collect and spend their small incomes?

    3 - If a ship, say a Norwegian Battleship, lives past the German capture of Oslo and flees to join the nearest British fleet/Port, does Britain gain control of said ship, or does the ship simply stay in the SZ/Port that it went to indefinitely?

    4 - If an allied power in the pacific walks into Dutch New Guinea, do they gain control of the Dutch fleet in the adjacent SZ along with the ground troops and IPC value of the territory? (Holland has fallen at this point)

    (EDIT) 5 - If Germany attacks Riems from both Holland AND Western Germany, is the Fortress bonus ignored outright, does it apply to the German units attacking from West Germany, or some weird mix of these?

    6 - Biggest one: If no clear ruling on any other rule exists in the 7.2 rulebook, is it safe to assume that said rule (generally governing unit movements/actions, weird idiosyncrasies with transports, etc…) is covered by Alpha 3+ rules of G40? Since (as far as my personal research has uncovered) Global War 1939 began as a mod of those rules, it seems that any holes would be covered by the old Alpha 3+ base rules, saying that no 7.2 rule supersedes it.

    If any others crop up I’ll post em.  Again, your input is greatly appreciated  😄

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