Setup and rules 5.2 discussion

  • Hi,

    some things in setup and rules have to be changed or clarified in my opinion:

    1. Exactly clarification of state of Dutch (allied or Pro allied Neutral, role of DEI and navy)
    2. Movement and Escape rules of neutral coastel ships and what happens after occupation by axis or allies.
    3. FEC and UK. Can you also build facilites with UK IPC’s in FEC or Anzac territories (in the current rules is only the speak of “Units” to build in)?
    4. Russian Partisans, at what time of turn they raise up
    5. At what time geht the pro-neutrals one infantry more, at the beginning of turn 2 or at the end oft turn 2 (One Infantry more every two turns)
    6. Can The USA spent their money only when at war or also before? In the current rules:
    The U.S. may attempt to lend money to any Allied power that is at war and that can build units. Also China ???
    The U.S. may only make one attempt to each country per turn. Can you spent separatly eg. to South Africa and UK??? or are these two nations one coutry in that case?

    Setup changes:

    1. There should be some infantry in South and Middle American neutrals (Mexico, Chile etc.)
    2. Calcutta (FEC) is in our opinion to weak, so you can occupy Calcutta in turn 3 with Japan (All Transports + Carrier based Aircraft), maybe there should be more units or a fortification against sea attacks in Calcutta. If you use the sneak Attak with Japan there is in my opinion no way to hold Calcutta with FEC.
    3. One Infantry in Corinth and One in Crete

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