G42 Setup & Turn Order for Single Theater Games

  • Apologies if this has been asked and answered before.

    Assuming you can use the G42 setup for either a Europe-only or Pacific-only game (and if you can’t - or its not recommended, please advise!) - what would be the correct turn order be for each stand alone theater game?

    Would you use the G42 turn order, but simply remove non-theater countries?  Or would you revert back to the OOB G40 turn order for each theater game?

  • i also asked this question for the single theater games…lets see what these great guys say… :mrgreen:

  • Anyone!?  Going once…

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    G42 is an A&A Global scenario, there hasn’t been any indication from Larry or his team that this rule set is compatible with the single 1940 theater games. If you find out otherwise, please share in the Global forum with any clarifications. G42 was created to shorten games during tournament play, dot sure if that lead is useful, but you can also ask at harrisgamedesign.com

    If it’s just about the turn order, you can simply house rule it, or revert to the 2nd edition sequence… play a few times and see what works best would be my advice.


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