Partial IPC's or inflation of value of IPC's

  • Hey guys, I figured that I’d post here under the house rules section of the forum about this subject because it seems more appropriate than where I posted previously on this forum, at least for now.

    I’m exploring the idea of rethinking the way we use IPC’s.  It’s not by any means a complete reform, but a method to achieve more balance in a moderate way.

    I wrote about this topic in another thread for the purposes of improving the Global War 1939 variant (which is a brilliant version of the game), but I imagine this can apply to at least G40 as well, and maybe the other versions too.

    I apologize if I’m bringing up old discussions and debates about this.  I did a search (not an extensive one) regarding the subject, and I haven’t found anything relavent.  I hope it’s not too radical and makes enough sense for discussion.  I can’t really bring myself to search every thread that might have a brief mention of this kind of thing…

    Here’s the link to my first thread:

    I look forward to some feedback about this.  Thanks!

  • Customizer

    I was actually thinking about this at work tonight. It could be a really cool concept.

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