[1942 2nd Ed.] Argo's Summer 1942 Map

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    Hi everyone,

    I designed a map for the 1942 Second Edition game board, with some changes to improve strategic variety and historical realism. The Pacific fleets have been moved to encourage historical battles at Midway and/or Guadalcanal, instead of an odd, six-month-late repeat of Pearl Harbor. The IPC values of several territories have been increased to encourage play around the periphery of the board, including Scandinavia, South Africa, Australia, China, and Siberia. The Germans have enough subs in the Atlantic to pose problems for several turns, but not so many that they can wipe out the combined Anglo-Atlantic fleets before the Allies even get to move. There are additional victory cities, and the number of victory cities needed to win has been increased to 15 out of 24 for a Projection of Power, or 18 out of 24 for an Honorable Victory. In general, the game is loosely built on the historical situation as of August 1, 1942, but I’ve taken some liberties with history as needed to ensure a fair and strategically interesting game.

    Files are available below for both TripleA and home play, so give it a try and let me know what you think! If you’re playing at home, you can probably get away without changing the territory values, and still have an interesting game.

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    Summer 1942 TripleA Picture.png
    World War II v5 Argo’s Summer 1942.xml

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    Here’s some excel setup charts inside a zip file.

    Summer 1942 Setup Charts.zip

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    Cool and fun set up! Allied victory after ten rounds.  The allied navies are stacked in the Atlantic and Paciifc.  A few costly dice battles for the axis put them on the defense most of the game.  Fun set up though and would do it again.  Thanks Argothair! Always appreciate your different set ups and scenarios.

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    My pleasure! Glad you enjoyed it. Did you notice any Axis advantages that helped balance the strong Allied navies? Or did it seem like the Allies were holding all the cards?

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    The allied fleet in the Atlantic is very massive.  Russia can knock out two German u boats with the destroyer and sub on the first round. After Germany looses those subs, they don’t have a chance against the main UK fleet, which includes a carrier, battleship, and three destroyers plus other smaller ships in the Atlantic and an American armada off the coast of Washington.  Once those fleets unite together it’s game over for the Germans in the Atlantic theatre and the landings continue to pour on all over Europe and Africa.  Having a factory in North Western Europe makes it a juicy target for the allies.  The American fleet in the pacific is almost as strong as the Japanesse, forcing the Japanesse commander to make very tuff decisions.  Fun game though! Just don’t see how the axis can win this one.  Now I only played this set up once but may need a few tweaks, but I really enjoyed this set up 🙂

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    Fair enough! And thanks very much for the writeup. If anyone tries this again, consider adding:

    2 German subs in SZ 10 (Greenland)
    2 German subs in SZ 12 (west of Morocco)
    1 Japanese carrier with 1 Japanese fighter in SZ 62 (east of Tokyo)

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