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    Does anyone develop any balanced convoy rules as in Global?

    I had the impression that just adding Convoy rules from 1940 without National Objectives will reduce greatly the amount of IPCs available for UK and Japan.

    Any suggestion?

  • why would you want to do that?

  • '17 '16

    Because I don’t have enough time to play Global.

    I like to have an historical style A&A.
    Convoys rules are interesting for representing the economical effect on UK of U-Boats warfare ETO and on Japan of USA subs warfare PTO.
    It is an interesting alternative to SBR.
    Subs can be useful outside direct naval battle.

    I put some HR and new units in 1942.2 (like antisub Escort Carrier, mechanized infantry, TacBombers) because it is a smaller scale than Global but still complex.

    When I have only 2 or 3 hours with friends, we play 1941.
    But it is not a game intended to have HR because even OOB rules from 1942 can ruined the balance.
    We play it OOB rule only.

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