• OK lets start up the inevitable Alpha set of Rules.

    What is the major fix needed or are there several:

    Withdrawing from contested territories.


    Is that it?

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    I’ll assume the board won’t be changed; that’s a whole topic in itself.

    Switzerland worth 4 IPCs.

    RR as per latest post, but giving the CPs some more incentive to accept such as POWs or Moscow still counting as a victory objective.

    Power up submarines.

    Costs 3 IPCs to repair a battleship.

    Limited number of new units in India each turn.

    Turn order: G - R - A, the latter without the infuriating Serbian invasion.

    Lose the French Biscay Battleship.

    Add the Konigsberg (SZ26).

    Give Austria a sub.

    Allow tanks to be built turn 3.

    More rational treatment of minor powers colonies - if you activate a Portuguese colony, France gets control; if you attack Spanish Morocco, ALL Spanish tts including Spain mobilize against you.

    I’m experimenting with:

    2 space movement for ALL units, subject to logical limits. If this doesn’t work, consider more general rail movement or the Munich factory.

    Retreat and Pursuit rules for naval units.

    Russian Civil War.

    Promoting fighters that score a “kill” in air combat to “Aces” rolling @3.


  • Ok, Flashman, thats house rules not revised (alpha) rules ffs
    Switzerland is fine where it is, CP seem to need help as it is, making it worth 4 IPCs would hinder them further ?

    I really don’t think this game needs any ‘alpha’ rule sets, it is definitely too early to talk about balance, as people are reporting both CP and Allies victories.

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    The experiments may be seen as house rules, the others are definitely suggestions for official updates.

    Switzerland had been reported as working both ways; when it goes against the CPs it can be a gateway for France into Munich.

    I prefer a powerful incentive against anyone invading it, hence it should match the 8 unit defences of Norway & Spain.

    The official RR rules are getting there, but I’m concerned that as currently written the CPs may never accept them.

    Battleships seem rather too cheap with free repairs, submarines are too underpowered.

    The Allied navies begin too strong.

    The neutral colonies rules have confused everyone.

    It takes an awfully long time for Germany to get tanks into Alsace & Lorraine, and yet tanks may be the best hope of them ever reaching Paris.

  • Well RR is an ‘optional’ rule that i think overcomplicates the game. Should just ax it altogether, RR or not weren’t both the Reds and Whites anti Germany?

    I think Switzerland is fine at 1 IPC, it gives the CP more options in the West (which they need)

    Battleships are definitely too cheap (I argued this in another post, and i always seem to get stoned when i suggest naval unit costs need adjusted. ie: cruisers in Global)

    I would disagree with submarines being underpowered, they are a better buy than cruisers unless you need the extra movement. It is just that Battleships are cheap as dirt and this makes both cruisers and submarines seem underpowered.

    My house rules are: Maximum of 4 battleships in play per nation (OOB quantity); and cruisers can shore bombard
    -This eliminates mass battleship fleets(without changing the rules) and makes cruisers more viable even before you reach 4 battleship max.

  • Switzerland passable to only infantry (no arty, tanks or planes in such difficult terrain)

    Battleships cost 1 IPC to repair

    Neutrals mobilize if their colonies are attacked

    If an attack is made against only subs, they can only hit on 1 and only be hit on 1 for the first round of combat if they elect to submerge.

    German subs can “hunt” for allied shipping in sea zones adjacent to allied territories

    • One round, 1 or 2 are hits, 1 or 2 IPCs destroyed This happens on the German turn

    USW allows German subs to hunt in ANY sea zone (except 9,10,11,12 (attack made against closest allied territory)
    AND German subs can reroll misses during hunting, but the US will now declare war.

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    Turkey is neutral until T1 or attacked

    Italy is neutral until I2 or attacked

    Like to see some later scenarios:

    Summer 1915 (Italy just joined the Allies)

    Summer 1916 (Battle of the Somme, tanks can be built)

    Summer 1917 (US just joined)

    Spring 1918 (Treaty of Brest-Litovsk signed)

  • Probably a setup reworking. Replace Atlantic french battleship with a cruiser and take away a transport from france.
    Give Germany a transport in the Baltic

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  • Flash, you know that ONE ship doesn’t translate to ONE game piece.

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    True, but it also represents the other German cruisers on the loose in the Pacific, South Atlantic & and Indian Oceans that cannot be represented. These were a serious concern for the Allies until eliminated.

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