If less than 8 Players here are the recommended divisions of controlling nations

  • Two Players
    Player  1:  Central  Powers       Player  2:  Allied  powers.

    Three players
    Player  1:  Central  Powers  
    Player  2:  Russian  Empire,  Italy, United  States
    Player  3:  France,  British  Empire

    Four players
    Player  1:  Austria-­Hungary, Ottoman  Empire
    Player  2:  Germany
    Player  3:  Russian  Empire,  Italy, United  States
    Player  4:  France,  British  Empire

    Five players
    Player  1:  Austria-­Hungary,  Ottoman  Empire
    Player  2:  Germany
    Player  3:  Russian  Empire, United  States
    Player  4:  France,  Italy
    Player  5:  British  Empire

    Six players
    Player  1:  Austria-­Hungary            Player  2:  Germany
    Player  3:  Ottoman  Empire            Player  4:  Russian  Empire, United  States
    Player  5:  France,  Italy                Player  6:  British  Empire

    Seven players
    Player  1:  Austria-­Hungary              Player  2:  Germany
    Player  3:  Ottoman  Empire            Player  4:  Russian  Empire, United  States
    Player  5:  France                          Player  6:  British  Empire
    Player  7:  Italy

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    Is this official?

  • Yes

  • Where did you get your information?

    Are they posting articles somewhere besides this website?

  • For anyone with a Twitter account, many of the map pictures that have been re-posted on here are courtesy of Axis and Allies.org on Twitter (follow @axis_and_allies) - though I’m sure they can be found somewhere else too.

  • Here’s an idea Shakespeare; stop stealing the Admin’s show and actually ASK him if you can post such information.

    You know, he runs this site, puts in the effort to show us everything, and then someone comes along and spoils his work. Not very nice.

    TVW, also dealing with a similar issue on another forum.

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