• Are the charts “94Canuck” made for Alpha +3 the same as the charts would be for A+3.9 & the 2nd ed global?  IE; the NO, IPC, Attack /  Defend battle board & Tech Research.

    Since the Nice set up charts are posted for the +3.9 w/o the other nice charts from  “94Canuck”, I’m hoping they are useable with the 3.9 set-ups?  If not can someone link me to the correct player aid charts for the 3.9 / 2e global please. 😐

  • No response?  No one knows this answer?  Is it too confusing?  Did I word it right? :oops:

  • TripleA

    Is 3.9 and the 2nd Edition set up the same?  I don’t want to waste time updating for one, and not the other.

    I am way out of the loop on this game right now.  What is the most current, and used setup?

    The last time I did the charts it seemed like they were changing every other day.  I’d like to do them and have it be finished.

  • '16

    The only difference between Global 1940 2nd Edition set up and Alpha+3 is that one UK infantry is removed from Egypt.
    However, for Europe 1940 2nd Edition, that UK Infantry is retained since there won’t be 2 ANZAC infantry there.
    Other minor changes include Korea being part of the whole Mongolia situation and that China cannot research Technology.

    Europe 1940 and Pacific 1940 follow the exact same set up in Alpha+3…
    Except, of course, no ANZAC in Europe 1940 and no Russia in Pacific 1940.

    Europe 1940 and Pacific 1940 also have different USA NOs and an additional USSR NO for Europe.

  • @ 94 Canuck

    I did some cross checking on the Charts player aid charts you made for your +3 version & they WILL work for the 2e & with the +3.9 set-up charts that “Sehxual Panda” made also.

    So I guess with some research on my own, I figured it out &, they will all work together  😄
    So I’m stoked.  All good charts with no changes needed.  Thanx for your response & sorry for the confusion.

    But now with 1914 coming out, you know your gonna have to get busy & make some more cool player’s aid charts for that too, don’t ya.  😮

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