• @JimmyHat:

    You’re so right Ruanek….wonder if China can get more than 1 unit hitting 33% of the time.  Oh yeah they can build an army that does it.  So, 15 units hitting at 33% or 1 unit hitting at 50%.   My point being that Chinese ftr is relatively powerless.

    That Chinese fighter is worth more than anything China can ever build.  And it’s irreplaceable.  And as Gargantua said, its movement is useful.

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    The importance of the fighter for china isn’t it’s attack power, as much as it is it’s range.

    It can give you the punch where you need it most,  and it’s integral to any serious defence.  That’s why it’s important.

    It’s also why Japan is willing to trade 3 or 4 of their own aircraft to kill it.

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    I would trade 2, on gamble maybe.  But not 3 or 4 personally 😛

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    I would trade 2, on gamble maybe.  But not 3 or 4 personally 😛

    If they land the fighter in the back with 2 or 3 infantry defending it, I’m willing to throw 10 aircraft into a fight to get it.  Which might mean 4 losses.

  • thats the spirit, clean out territories and then theres nothing to stop ya no one to fight

  • The few games I campaigned through China I used the jap aa gun to try and kill that ftr.  I remember it worked at least once.  a small stack against a chinese attack that is light on arty means China will have to bring the ftr to have the punch to clear the zone.  This can work great if you are cutting the Burma road every round.

    I also did air raid it the first game I played Japan too.  I just don’t think that ftr is really worth gunning for.  Now if it could leave China or attack the sz’s on the coast it would be dead meat.

    I’d rather kill that ftr when its attacking than having to go in and dig it out when its rolling 4’s.

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