Can Axis and Allies be played with only 1 person

  • Hi there

    I was wondering can I play axis and allies by myself and if so how do i go abou this??


  • Get the pc game and play against the AI.

  • '19 Moderator

    You can if you are creative enough.

    It helps if you can lie to yourself and believe what you are saying.

    :lol: 😮 :roll:

  • I do it sometimes, when i’m trying a new strategy or i’m really bored… The only problem is that the country you want to win usually does!

  • I used to do this quite often… set up the board and just play out the game until either one side won or i got bored because both sides would just stack with minimal skirmishes here and there 🙂

    Usually tho the games would end because I would miss something obvious with one side and then realise it playing the opposition and take full advantage… like for example forget to move troops to a territory as Germany and then take advantage of that with UK… it is tough to remember everything you’re doing with all the sides especially if you’re playing later at night and what not 😉

    But it is fun… and fun to try some new strategies and see how the luck factor affects them (since the skill factor… well you know the strategy before you even play it!)


  • 2007 AAR League

    I do that quite often. Usually when I’m trying out a new strategy or when I just feel like playing 😄 .

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