• I consider myself a highly advanced axis and Allies player. My experience includes 1941, 1942, and the first edition original.  I mention  this not because I  find myself wanting to brag, but in genuinely stand and went to articulate that this isn’t just because of some dumb noob mistakes. I am playing as the allies and I’m legitimately stamped onto how to win.

    I am playing first edition….My dad plays as the axis  and find himself winning consistently. He dominates the pacific by taking Australia and NZ easily. Then he proceeds to take over most of Asia with Japan and all of Africa with Germany. This takes the allied economic advantage out of play. After taking over Africa, he turtles with Germany and is able to withstand the pressure until Japan is able to send plane reinforcements. Soon, Japan is knocking on Russia’s door or hitting an economic victory…what can I do? I’d love suggestions so I can respond and you guys can counter respond. Help anyone?

  • I can offer a really useful and detailed response for classic (2nd ed.), but I haven’t played First Edition. Are the two similar enough that a 2nd edition example would be helpful?

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