Axis and Allies Classic 10 part series on YouTube

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    I’m editing my prior threads. I’m sorry to have derailed your thread.

    I really want to help. I’ve watched several of your videos. And, in reality, only experience can help you now.

    Take care.

  • @DizzKneeLand33 its clear to me that we have somehow talked past each other. You take care as well.

  • @DizzKneeLand33

    Hi I used to play a lot on Spring42 about 20 years ago. I was in the top 3 during the era were only Utah/Omaha database and 3rd one was maybe Kremlin (but im sure Sword/Anzio didnt exist). I remember the only players that had a winrate similar to mine was “Brink”. During that time I played against Pbem and I think AA warclub/warzone but these players where much weaker than hasblow/ Spring42 crowd. Most of them tought Spring42 rules were heresy (something I can understand) but with Hasblow we could play like 2 games in one evening (sometimes up to 6am) but playing a lot more game and seeing top players make you learn fast. I don’t think ive played vs a vgood “classic” players in the last 10 years. I play at least 100 games a year during a few years during those time. I think to be high ranking you havd to play at least 50 games on Spring. I also rememebr team tournament but this is so far away lol.

    Anyway do these very experienced players still play classic or they all play revised and later ? I would really like to play one real game before confiment is over 🙂

    IIrc my handle was blesf.

  • @dizzkneeland33 said in Axis and Allies Classic 10 part series on YouTube:

    omg, seriously, let me tell you, from my own experience, that a 2 IC build for the british is suicide against a good Axis player. Period.

    dizzkneeland33, if this is your view on The_Good_Captain’s 2 IC strategy for UK, then just play him as the Axis and prove it. I would love to hear about the results. Classic rules with Russia Restricted and he agrees to play the 2 IC strategy. It sounds like you both believe you would be at an advantage in this setup, so what’s preventing you from playing?

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