Has the word "Newbie" become offensive?

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    I said the word “Newbie” a couple of times in a youtube video I made, just wondering if anyone here thinks it’s offensive.

  • not at all.

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    Like most things, it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.

    “You’re such a newbie when it comes to using the term newbie.”  Yeah, that could easily be taken in a negative connotation.

    “Listen you beginner in the usage of newbie, it’s more complicated than just a 100% affirmative or 100% negative.”  Yeah, that would probably rub me the wrong way too and that was using the word “beginner” initially.

    I’m glad you’re not asking if calling somebody a Newboi is offensive….which at first millisecond glance and engagement of high speed low accuracy predicative subroutines resulted in that being one of the possibilities I would face when opening this thread to a more detailed read.

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    ––There are two things I’d like to say on this matter.

    ----First, I wouldn’t intentionally disrespect any players’ status in this game. After all,…it is a GAME, and it should be FUN for everyone.
    ----Secondly, I’m completely fed-up with all of the “Politically Correct” garbage that serves no real purpose in real life.
    ----So, if anyone I have contact with was rubbed the wrong way by the use of the term “newbie”, I’d simply suggest we use the term “new gamer”, “rookie”, or whatever else seemed appropriate without giving any offense.
    ----Loud boisterous talking/taunting, as long as it’s understood as nothing more than that, is after all a part of the fun. As long as everyone acts like a mature adult there shouldn’t be any problems.

    ----Are the any among us here that act in a mature manner???(Big Grin)

    “Tall Paul”

  • Noob is said more, but its has the same meaning

  • Call it what it is!
    I dont take offense to the word newbe or beginer, we all were at one time.
    I like to use the words “new player”, and we always team them up with the best players at our board, we show them as much as we can and explain why we do certain things and the game isnt the end of the world if you crap out on rolls or make a bad move.
    We also tell them why we attack where we do and each player has a different plan of attack,and let them choose what they want to do. Some times we reset pretty early too
    Its good when a newly started player gets good dice and they can hammer an old pro

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