What happened to "Pay for Time Off" in CA

  • I just heard on the radio that the California© legislature is going to pass a law changing the current 12 weeks off without pay for emergency situations in C to 12 weeks off with pay(not full pay, but around 50%). Soon people will say that’s not enough and the legislature will take it to 100%. People will plot to get it every year.
    I can see businesses packing to move already. Companies will have to pay for the person taking time off and their replacement. Companies will look for more ways to eliminate jobs(downsize or automate).
    Women will be less likely to be hired for the los of 'baby time and the likelyhood of their leaving for good.
    I think C will self-destruct from voter gimmes, if youknowwhatimean!
    “How 'bout dem cookies?” - Xi

  • Well I for one hope that the law doesn’t get passed. But knowing the Sacramento legislatures, they probably will pass it. Must still be mad the Kings lost…

  • We aren’t mad the Kings lost, just that Gray Davis and company are a bunch of idiots, at least thats what I think on it…

  • Oh, sorry about that! I didn’t think I there were any posters from the North. 😁 Anyways, this Kings/Lakers rivalry can only bring good things (remember the Celtics/Lakers battles in the 80’s?). I truly respect your team, (except for your major flopper, Valdi Divoc and Dug Christe (sp)), with Webber and Paja being real All-Stars. If Horry didn’t make that last second shot, be would’ve been a down a championship. It’s too bad the East is so weak, the Western battles are where’s it’s at.

  • Actually, a lot of the concerns that Xi brought out don’t really pan out. When things like paided maternity time are passed by law, prices simply rise to compensate.

  • What did the CA legislature do about this idea? :-?

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