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New WW2 Movie - "Black Book"

  • I just saw Black Book this weekend, and I highly recommend it.  I had a few friends with me that don’t care for WW2 or war films in general, but went anyway and thoroughly enjoyed it.

    It concerns a Jewish Dutch singer who is trying to survive in Germany-occupied Holland.  She goes to some extremes to aid the resistance and save herself.

    The movie is somewhat long (two and a half hours or so), but highly entertaining and suspenseful.  There is plenty of action to entertain someone who enjoys those types of movies.  There is also a fair amount of nudity, which seems to be on the director’s (Paul Verhoeven) style, but you’ll find the lead to be a work of art.  Just be warned that you will also see a Nazi stahlhelm, unless that interests you.

  • 2007 AAR League

    A great movie I saw was called Rosenstrasse it is in German but it is a movie about Aryan wives who are married to jews.
    Don’t wanna go into too much details but I certainly liked it and if you can find it I would reccomend it.
    It doesn’t have any fighting however but it is WWII Nazi Germany based

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