Hit-and-run Yugoslavia from G.S.Germany? Is the "retreat" legal or exploitative?

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    Sorry my post was confusing.  I don’t think the Yugo strafe is a good idea unless it is part of a plan to take Moscow on G5.  In that case, I would probably take in enough force to average 3 hits (18 punch), so as to avoid getting 5 hits if possible.

    If G bought art/inf, there would be little benefit to strafing, since the art/inf on Germany plus the Bulgarian inf can’t reach Moscow till G6.

    This strategy has potential in low luck (where you can get exactly 4 hits) but is probably too dicey for dice.  It’s just an idea and I don’t have concrete experience with it.

    In practice, I almost never strafe Yugo in a dice game, since I don’t aim for G5 Moscow.  It’s better for Germany to have that money.  There are also good reasons for Germany to get Southern France and Greece, though G can’t expect to get them every game.

  • Definitely legal and, in my opinion, definitely against the spirit of the game. I wouldn’t spit my dummy if my opponent did it but I certainly wouldn’t do it myself.

  • @Paksos:

    Definitely legal and, in my opinion, definitely against the spirit of the game. I wouldn’t spit my dummy if my opponent did it but I certainly wouldn’t do it myself.


    If you find an advantage, and don’t use it, that is against the spirit of the game IMO (especially for the axis).

    I look for this tactic later in the game. If you can pull it off with UK near Caucasus it is awesome. Get a UK mech or tank to Moscow (or somewhere in central Russia), then have Russia open up a hole from the north for you to blitz into a German short stack, along with slow moving units funneling up through the Middle East from Egypt/India (hoping not to kill them off). You can jump those slow moving units ahead to either screw the Germans making then fight through a better then expected defensive position or even set-up a liberation force hoping that the German attack on Moscow takes its toll leaving them weak. You might be able to strafe the Japanese w/UK if they are have taken Stalingrad in a similar tactic.

    Pulling off a hop scotch at sea is is even better yet. You can cripple an enemy fleet, then merge fleets together on the other side possibly even bringing in reinforcements from your allies to def (because of turn order). If you can catch Japan w/o a naval base for repairs THEY ARE IN TROUBLE. It is hard to pull off, but if the US has subs in several SZs and Japan doesn’t kill them off (lack of destroyers), you may be able to hop scotch your fleet somewhere that the Japanese weren’t expecting.

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    southern france is easier than normandy g1. you can get one of those fighters in east europe somewhere (you know the one that is out of range from naval and you usually send to yugoslavia than italy). 3 mech fighter good to go.

    I prefer to just do france. Though I like the southern france move when I am doing some kind of sea lion play. Prevents uk from merging fleet off gibraltar.

    In this instance I prefer to take yugoslavia.

    However if I am undecided… yeah I like the strafe. Shove east poland g2 no prob, start advancing sooner. It is really good if you plan on going all in on russia G5. It super all in, all the allies have to do is figure out a way to save russia. That is the whole game right there.

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