• From what I have seen online it looks like Alpha is fine for balancing Pacific, but gives the Allies the edge in Global.

    Has anyone else had similar thoughts on the balance?

  • I’ve been using the Alpha set up since it was first posted. I find it more a more historical setup then OOB. It does make it harder for Japan to take India but I find overall it still allows Global to be balanced. Instead of Japan rolling through the Pacific you have to plan now. I like it.

  • More balanced than before, but Japan still has way too many planes compared to Europe.

  • I’ve played alpha set-up and won as the axis but some contributing factors included the plus 10 IPCs for Japan only being at war with China (Japan received it twice). A non-aggression pact was also negotiated pre-game promising no Japanese aggression against USSR if all allies never land troops in the USSR Pacific Territory’s. Allied player agreed and slowly moved all 18 INF to Moscow but they failed to even see combat as the game was won without the fall of Moscow (Sea Loin was a success). Also some great dice rolls in huge pacific fleet battles favored the IJN (they must have occurred at night) lol.

  • I like it a lot but found that it makes the Japanese invasion of the Soviet far east region inevitable… Otherwise I have loved the balance of it

  • where is this set up posted?

  • I posted the after action report elsewhere, however, in our one global game to date, we played with the Alpha set up.

    The group consensus was that the advantage is clearly with the Allies.  I think the Pacific theater is fine, but the European theater needs some work to make it a bit more even.

    That was just one game, but those were our impressions.

  • Yeah, I don’t know about Global, but I love it in Pacific. It removes the extreme Japanese advantage from a J1 attack (although I havn’t actually tried that, but seems pretty obvious).

    A J3 attack should go Japan’s way if you don’t make any errors and dice are even, but only just. This setup was way more enjoyable than any original setup game I have played.

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