"Low Luck" variant that gives the player an interesting choice in battle!

  • Tell me what you think of this.

    For every cycle of combat rolls, the player chooses one of two options:

    A.)  Roll normally and take your chances. (Relatively aggressive)

    B.)  Play it safe but hit less than the statistical average. Add up all of the “points” from the units you’re attacking or defending with, divide that number by 8, and that’s how many guaranteed hits you get. Then, whatever’s left over, you roll for using an 8-sided die.

    I believe this combines “Low Luck” with normal rolling in an intriguing way.
    Should you apply steady, but slow hits that are guaranteed, or should you be riskier and try to maximize your power early on?

  • I was considering a National Advantage for a power (not sure who yet) that would get to pick one battle per turn in which they can’t score below their low luck value.
    So if your force was expected to get 5 hits….and you only got 3, then you get bumped up to 5.

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    I’ve been using this system for awhile when my brother plays.

    Another forum member named this “medium” luck awhile back, and that’s what we call it.

    It’s an excellent system!

  • Gargantua, do you divide by 6 or by 8?  Because I feel like if the player has the option to take the “average”, they would do that pretty often.

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    Divide by 6.

    I find the opposite… most people like to gamble. Because they can score more hits 😄

    Just ask yourself… If 3 of your infantry get waxed by an overwhelming force in one turn.  Do you take the 1 statistical hit, or chance for 3 hits on your opponent!?

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