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    Just downloaded 1_6_1_2 actually several times. I had to uninstall and re-install several times. I have latest version of Java. Before I kept getting error messages the whole time and some maps/senarios simply wouldn’t work.

    Needless to say the latest download has more maps but when I try to look up more maps I get an error stating:“error TITLE”.

    I’m no computer whiz but I can’t figure out what the hell is going on. I love TripleA and realize that the game is done as a labor of love, so I’m not trying to complain to loudly but this is frustrating as all hell.

    Can anyone please help?

  • Might have something to do with what ever system you are running on.  I’m no techy.  I’m sure Veq. will come along and try to help you out with your issues.

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    What is your operating system?  (windows 7?  windows xp? mac os x 10.8?  linux something?)

    What version of Java are you using?

    Have you uninstalled all previous versions of TripleA?

    You said you downloaded triplea, but what version? (the install with java version, or the portable zip? etc)

    The error you are getting is in a big white java box?  If so, please copy and paste the ENTIRE error message here.

    Also explain to me what you are doing to get to this error message.

    in other words, here is what i understand:

    you installed triplea

    you run triplea

    you immediately get an error message without doing anything else

    if this is not true, please explain what else you have to do to get the message.  For example, maybe you are clicking on “choose games”, then you get the error message.  Or you only get the error message when you try to download new maps using the download maps button, and only after you click “list games”.  Or maybe you get the error with certain maps, etc.

    please explain in detail.

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    Windows Vista. Java 7. TRIPLEA1.6.1.2 with Java exe installer.
    The game starts up with no problem. When I go into the find maps option, the web addresses show up but when I click the button to actually go to one of the map repository sites I get a message that reads: “error: title” the message is in a small box when you hit the find maps or list games button.

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    ok, that is a much better description of the problem

    you are probably putting in the wrong xml link

    please watch this video:

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