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Upgrading axis and allies cdrom version to 1.3.3

  • OK I just bought the boardgame and love it. Unfortunately no one in my family shares the same joy so I have downloaded the full version from the web. Some may not think hihgly of this but I looked everywhere in the shops here and no one seels that damn software anymore :sad:

    So to cut a long story short, I have the game on my pc and it plays fine except for the bugs. I tried to install the patch upgrade but it returns a message “UNable to find installation of Axis and Allies - Please install first.”

    Any help greatly appreciated. ANy comments about me not buying the game - sure go ahead…

  • Coding wise, theres a difference between a Download and an Installation. You need to make it think you installed it. So, basically, your stuck unless you buy or borrow the Cd.

  • Ok Thanks Yanny, I deduced that was the problem. I am assuming that its looking for some registry entry, which is usually what install programs are after. If anyone is willing to offer their registry settings to me to try I would be most appreciative.
    Getting a copy of the real cd seems an impossible task. No one I know has it and no damn shop sells - even Electronics Botique which usually stocks an awful lot of old stuff :sad:

    Otherwise I keep playing version 1.0 and put up with the novice computer ability and dream of one day playing someone with talent 😄

  • '10

    You could always pick up a copy on ebay.

  • 2019 Moderator

    Where are you located? What country/state?

  • I am in Australia

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