Allied planes landing on territory just gained by ally

  • Haven’t seen this question answered in the rules but what is the rule for a plane landing by a allied team (ie - japan/germany or america/britian/russia) after allied turn just before just gained the land - they say during your no combat turn after seizing a territory you can’t land your planes but lets say america seized land they can’t land their planes there but on russias turn could they(russia)land planes on the territory just seized by the americans or do they have to wait a full turn for america to control the land before landing their(russia) planes - please if any one could answer this it would be much appreciated - Sir Scott

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  • I just played the computer game with another person where I invaded Algeria with the british, then landed my US planes on their turn. I’m pretty sure that the territory is considered allied as soon as the invading country’s turn is over.

  • yeah your’e right anonoymis dude.

  • Righto, as long as you or any of your allies have owned a territory since the begining of your turn you can land planes there.

  • Yep, in fact what i do is Have Russia take East Europe, then land an obscene amount of fighters from US and Britain there.

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