TripleA 1.6.1 is released

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    TripleA 1.6.1 has been released, download it here,

    (You can install more than 1 version of TripleA at a time, and run them all at the same time.)

    The Developers for TripleA 1.6.1: Veqryn
    See dev forum post about the release for more details:

    Major Bug Fixes since 1.6:

    • Fixing bug in Battle Calculator where damaged units got turned into healthy units before each battle was calculated.
    • Fixed issue with null pointer resulting from mechanized inf tech.
    • Many many more bug fixes

    Major New Engine Features:

    • Greatly improved quality of Zoom.
    • Added a menu option to have territory borders drawn a second time on top of the map.
    • Make savegames for long games, games with many players, and games with many battles, much smaller, and improved memory efficiency in-game.
    • Created an option in Play-By-Forum and Play-By-Email to send the move summary after the combat move phase, in addition to the summary at the end of the turn. This is to help with OOL and scrambling orders.
    • Allowing additional nations to share the cost of technology, and creating a good user interface that dynamically adjusts to show how much is being paid by each nation.
    • Created edit option to add technology to a player.
    • Created edit option to remove technology from a player, except that shipyards and industrial technology can never be removed, and any technology that uses triggers is pointless to remove and removing will not undo their effect.
    • Created edit option to change the amount of unit hitpoint damage on any and all units which can take more than 1 point of hit damage.
    • Created edit option to change the amount of unit bombing damage on any and all units which can be damaged by bombing.
    • Making scramble dialog non-modal so that the user can move the map around before choosing what to scramble. Note that saving the game while in the middle of scrambling can result in weird effects, so it is not recommended.
    • Making kamikaze and interceptor dialogs non-modal so user can move around map while choosing. Again, saving during the dialog then reloading might have odd effects.

    Major New Game XML Features:

    • Created new game option, “Remove All Tech Tokens At End Of Turn”, which will remove tech tokens after each tech roll.
    • Adding methods to ensure that any power sharing technology (like British to UK Pacific) will still roll for war bonds even if its capital is taken, so long as the shared power is not able to have the warbonds technologies.
    • Created new game option, “Kamikaze Suicide Attacks Only Where Battles Are”, and implemented it.
    • Created new game option, “Submarines Prevent Unescorted Amphibious Assaults”, that prevent unescorted transports from conducting amphibious assaults.

    Major Map/Game changes:
    Fixing more bugs in Global 1940 and getting it closer to the real thing.
    Adding a new 5 player FFA map for Napoleonic Empires.

    Major Changes since

    • Fixed problems with Edit mode.
    • Fixed problems with Scrambling not working.
    • Fixed several fatal errors, and many many more bug fixes.
    • Disallowed Bombardment from any sea zone that had a kamikaze suicide attack.
    • Allowed loading of transports in Sea Zones where all enemies just became hostile this turn due to politics.
    • Allowed downloading of multiple maps/games in one go, by holding down CTRL while selecting maps in the “Download Games” dialog screen, and out of date maps will show up in bold, and maps up-to-date will show in italics.
    • Created new game option, “Subs Can End NonCombat Move With Enemies”, which allows submarines to end their noncombat movement in a sea zone containing any enemy units.
    • Created new game option, “Convoy Blockades Roll Dice For Cost”, which will now allow dice to be thrown for all blockade damage.
    • Completely creating technologies for Global 1940, including Paratroopers and Improved Mechanized Infantry.

    For a full changelog see here:

    Please report any bugs encountered here:

    If you find bugs, I really can’t do much about them unless you upload an autosave.  It will save me tons of time if you give me an autosave / or save game made sometime before the bug occured.  Also mention what map the bug occurred on, and copy and paste the error if there is one.

    Your save games are in a folder right next to where the maps are:

    (Windows XP)  C:\Documents and Settings\userName\triplea
    (Windows 7)  C:\Users\userName\triplea
    (Mac)  /home/user/documents/triplea/
    (Linux)  /home/user/triplea/

    [They are NOT in program files.  They are in a folder in your user account.]

    When you are making a post, click the “More Options” button.  From there click “Upload a file”.
    Simply upload the autosave, or other save, to your post.

    I really really appreciate savegames, it makes my life a lot easier.

    Please also describe what happened before the bug occurred, and copy and paste the full error message, and of course say what map and what version of TripleA you were using!


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