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    Norton is the AV but I have MSSE on the laptop it works on.  Unfor that laptop needs like $500 in repair parts because it’s OLD and the battery is shot, the NIC is shot and the WIC is flaky.

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    Well we’re coasting through 2014 now, with the fall coming up…

    And since I’m less broke than usual, I’ll throw down this c note I got in cash tips to help these services and communities that I enjoy so much.

    50 battle bucks each to A& and TripleA, after a summer hard fought!

    Coming at you compliments of the Starship BBQ! Hits at a 4 haha
    Battle cruising on the front lines, out here in the West. In my other life as a mobile cater waitering grunt 🙂

    Thanks for all you do everyone!

    starship bbq.jpg

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