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    no such thing. you can not be informed and still think that allies have a fair shake.

    Such NAY SAYING! 😛  Bribery works wonders…

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    I don’t know man, I remember aa50 everyone said it was balanced, now we got bids for it.

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    Good discussion.  Units for Russia are a good suggestion since Russia seems underpowered in cases where Germany doesn’t Sea Lion.

    That said, I prefer some imbalance.  Bids add to the fun, variety and staying power of a game.  A bid around 9 is excellent and offers good variation–as we saw in Revised and AA50.

    It might be worthwhile to ask whether Axis or Allies should be the side that gets the bid (in the interest of the most fun possible).

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    hey allweneedislove…!!! have not seen you around since revised.

  • Wow…great discussion.  After hearing all the arguments, I too as well as Garg, change my vote to “Game IS balanced”.  That makes near 50% for that call.

    I also like the bid idea- always have.  I mean, if the bid is under $12 consistently then you really have a pretty balanced game as far as Axis and Allies goes.  Revised and AA50 were both consistently under $10-$12 all the time- a lot of times under $7-$8.

    As for Global, which side does the bid go to with solid play on both sides, I’m not so sure the bid cash needs to go to Allies.  As with others, I think better Allied strategies are forming right now against the early gambits and attacks by the Axis.  Allies have the advantage over time (past round 10 especially).  The learning curve for Allies is a little longer in this game so I believe we will see a small bid money go to the Axis pretty soon once people learn to “weather the Axis storm”.

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    well what is the current allied strategy? convoy 97, fly stuff into russia, exploit russian NO off of afrrica, stop japan from winning.  That is the only way I know how to win with allies, convoying italy out of the game, stalling germany from russia, prevent pacific win and either convoy or start taking back dutch islands.

    If russia goes hopefully you have the japan puzzle solved to a point where you don’t need further investment. so you can start bringing boats and oceans to the atlantic and protect london/egypt.

    Unless axis get diced hard somewhere, I seldom if ever see allies winning with another strategy, sometimes a surprise germany takeover to a beginner axis player works, but I don’t see that happening often since both west germany and germany became major complexes.

  • Right, that seems to be the formula that players are now perfecting.  Once, its (or if) its proven to consistently work, that may be standard, at least until another Axis gambit is popularized.  That’s why for now, I say its even then the game may slip into the “Allies slight advantage” category soon.  Small bid cash given to Axis.

  • TripleA

    This strategy works like 1/3 of the time, allies get screwed in sz 97 round1 =GG. japan blows up harder than usual = no russia help = probably lose russia too soon = GG.

    It is not like you have a real choice in sinking 97 and taking medit seriously.

    I am all ears for new ideas, containment strategy is the best allies have to offer at the moment.

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    HOLD THE PHONE, Before people start complaining allied strategies are 1 dimentional.

    The Axis win by securing a certain amount of victory cities on either side of the board.  What cities they choose, where, and how they secure them is their business, the options are almost endless.

    The Allies win by STOPPING the unknown Axis plan on Both sides of the board permanently.  Hands down, that’s it.  If allied “strategies” are accussed of being too simple, or too one dimentional, it’s because the axis builds/attacks are standard.  The Allies do not have the initiative for the first few turns.  Don’t forget that.

    That said, the allies should be easier to play, and are in my opinion, because you just have to make sure your opponent doesn’t win.  How hard is that really?  Especially in a game, where the economic climb is SO STEEP for the axis, that they can’t reach economic parity easily.

    So the next question becomes, how do you play PREVENT against an axis economic equality game plan?  Easy.

    Spend every nickel, unit, and resource you’ve got in range, preventing italy from scoring it’s NO’s.

    With that done, and Italy neutered, Europe is basically solved.  Just make sure you build infantry in russia, and support it with allied planes, even if that means you land 10 american bombers there for defense.

    That leaves the situation in the pacific.  And if you turn ANZAC and HAWAII into super fortresses of allied might, that you launch attacks from, the Japanese are doomed.  The bulk of their economy is exposed to you, and you get to pick and choose when and where to strike.

    Obviously things can go either way for a number of reasons, but the principle is simple.  If you’re the allies, just play prevent, buy time, and watch the dollars.

  • Wow Garg, you’re a friggin genius. :roll: :roll: :roll:

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    All I’m trying to say is that it’s not rocket science to play as the allies.

    But if you don’t have a cohesive plan OF SOME KIND, you are going to lose.

  • TripleA

    my japan parties like a rockstar. fortress anzac, kind of makes the battle for hawaii easier more or less.  kind of depends what anzac is making. ie 2 inf 1 fighter a round or what. usually shut that bonus down so it depends. Hell I did go africa/middle east once and germany did his russian thing. When anzac is not an aggressor it usually frees up some ships for expansion, got to match usa’s income.

    plus usually usa need’s anzac ships to defend against japan’s attack… plus if you are sitting at hawaii what ends up happening is mexican standoff instead of the allies progressing in the pacific, things just come to a standstill.

    It is up to germany / italy to advance. When russia just builds inf, it is easy to postpone russia for 3-4 turns since pacific is a stalemate and blitz africa a bit and screw russia out of money.

  • Add a russian arty and a mec, remove a UK inf 🙂

  • The Allies should pull it off, unless they get bad dice and the Axis get good dice, so far in our games I would say the Allies are 60/40.  I know sometimes you cant convince yor teammate to do a paticular attack, buy or strategy

  • TripleA

    as long as germany buys 3 mech 3 tank or 2 tran 1 carrier round 1. japan buys xports and an inf or art or mech round 1, axis should win.

    pacific wins come in under 10 rounds or russia falls in under 10 rounds (which will give axis an income advantage). Depending on how many tanks are left after russia falls kind of determines if germany goes for UK or egypt, if italy is not convoyed out of the game, then well gg.

  • I voted “Game is Balanced”, of course.

  • '10


    as long as germany buys 3 mech 3 tank or 2 tran 1 carrier round 1. japan buys xports and an inf or art or mech round 1, axis should win.

    After reading such a beauty, i cannot vote other than Game is balanced.

  • TripleA

    So this comes out to half think balanced & half think axis favored.

    In garg’s tournament half the japan players are morbidly depressing to watch. You see a huge difference in how games unfold when japan DOWs J1 or J2 as compared to J3 (I think of J3 DOW as conceding/throwing the game/giving chance).

  • The poll maybe too early Cow, people- including myself need about 20-30 games in still.  There are a lot of mistakes we are all making on BOTH sides- Axis and Allies.

    Yes half think it is Axis adv.- then again they are a little easier to play.  Each week someone is coming up with new Allied countermoves to try.  I’m really gonna say its balanced until I am certain Allies just can’t win with solid play on both sides.

    If you are right, then I do like the Russian bomber over 3-4 infantry in India or Russia or an SS in the Med.  The bomber is downright sexy- very intriguing.

  • Here is the other poll on Larry’s site- 50% say balanced, 33% say Allies ad, 17% say Axis ad.

    Together then about 50% say balanced
                        about 40% say Axis ad
                        about 10% say Allies ad


  • TripleA

    Only 10% believe allies have an advantage, maybe I am not so crazy after all for thinking axis advantage.

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