• Played my first game last weekend. I have questions:

    1. The printed game map is smaller than the board shown in scenarios in the rule book. The printed board is 9 hexes long X 7 hexes wide; scenarios show a board 11 hexes long X 8 hexes wide. How should scenarios be adjusted to fit the printed map?

    2. Is it recommended to play Angels 20 on a board with more hexes than the printed map?

    3. A Power Dive is a Difficult Maneuver that decreases altitude by 2 if sucessful, 1 if failed. How should a voluntary dive of just 1 altitude level be handled? Does it require a skill check? What is the result if failed? Or is a single-altitude level dive a non-difficult maneuver, like a single hex side turn?

    4. Why no Immelman turns?

  • Played some more games this afternoon, a couple rounds fo Schnellbomber and several rounds of Intercept the Interceptors. Several more questions:

    5. Should it really be harder to dive at High Speed (Maneuver Check 13+ vs. 10+)?

    6. Should it really be harder to climb at High Speed (Maneuver Check 13+ vs. 10+)?

    7. What are correct ATK values for BF 109F and BF 109G? Cards list both as 5/3/2, which is less than BF 109E. I’m guessing BF 109G values should be higher. It’s commonly known that BF 109F was redesigned with lighter armament for better maeuverability, then BF 109G was up-armed at expense of maneuver.

    8. When does a player need to commit to a particular speed? Must the player declare his complete move at start, “I’m moving at low speed 3, first one hex forward, then a climb, then a one-hex right turn”? Or can the player keep things loosey-goosey as long as possible, “I’m moving one hex forward. Now in the second hex I’m climbing, and I’ll make the Maneuver Check as low speed. Oops, failed the MC, so I’ll stop in this hex instead of moving into the next hex and turning.”

  • A lot of these questions can’t be answered by other players, and only by the game designers, so I suggest you wait till the Errata comes out.

    I can answer:
    1. I don’t use the normal maps, so I can’t say, but I think if you put the two maps together, they have enough space to play the setup scenarios.
    2. I can’t say if it’s recommended by the WotC, but I say go for it… it adds a lot to be able to use your highspeed! 😄 But it can be hard to run a retreating plane off the map! 😄
    3. I can’t say what the designers think about it, but all the time I just roll the dive because I have to, but never drop two Alt’s anyway. I don’t think I’ve ever dived two Alt’s in fact, so I think it’s just to make another move. Some people talked about houseruling a 1 Alt drop as a turn instead of a DM (Difficult maneuver).
    4. Can’t say fro sure, but it would be broken IMHO if you could make 180 and climb. Besides, most pilots couldn’t do it well since the gforce resistance and control required to pull it off. (The same goes for why the Dive is a DM, it’s easy to drop, but a controlled power dive is harder!) 😄
    8. You have to say your speed before any movement happens. So like this:
    My Tomahawk at Speed 5 moves one, turns right, moves two, tight turns, moves one. Like that! 😄

    Hope that helps! 😄

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    Thats awesome Rebel. I am still a bit shaky on the rules so I’m apprehensive to answer in the event my reply is wrong.

  • Nice to see a friendly face (avatar) over here, and glad to see the minis forum here is still alive (albiet barely). 😄

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    My understanding on the dive thing is the plane that successfully makes a dive roll can choose either to dive 1 level or 2. Either one is is considered 1 difficult manuever.

    After playing a couple games, The germans  have the best AF, Although expensive, their speed ratings are good for both  shoot and zoom tactics or dog fighting. they have good att. dice and a good selection of planes.

    Now where’s those Stuka’s?

  • I have a question about altitude.  Say I want to move at speed 4 low speed and I want to go up in altitude 1k feet and make right consecutive turns.  Would the steps be the following steps? 1. Go up 1k in altitude. 2. move forward and turn plane one hex side. 3. move one hex forward and turn one hex side and finally. 4. Move one hex forward and turn on hex side.  Does going up or down in altitude constitute a one of the movements for speed?  Can you combine a turn with an altitude change?  I haven’t played any games with altitude because it got too confusing.

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    yes changing altitude uses up 1 speed movement.  As long as your not going fast speed, if your going fast it would use 2

    The “S” turns includes the “Immelman turn”

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    It’s a great game, looking forward to “Bandits High”

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