Using A3 Rules how do you attack Paris?

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    I send no aircraft.  As Germany, all my aircraft are involved in hitting the Royal Navy, except for that 1 fighter on Slovakia/Hungary which helps out in the attack on Yugoslavia then flies on to Southern Italy to help protect the Italian fleet.

  • I admit I am surprised that nobody overwhelms the aa by sending more aircraft.  I guess what we are seeing here is that aa gun in Paris forces Germany to use its airpower elsewhere and not risk it.  Not that this conclusion is surprising, just trying to figure out why Germany get soo many aircraft and no incentive to use them on land rather than against the UK navy.

  • As it stands, there is no reason for G1 to use any aircraft on Paris.

    The only way that changes is if Paris gets a bump in infantry/artillery/mech/tank units that tips the scales in France’s favor.  So for now, the entirety of German air power gets directed completely at the UK fleets.  I suppose its also possible to add some AA guns to Paris to be taken as hits to force German aircraft to support the Blitz.

    They are toying around with how to adjust that slightly to make it a battle where Germany does lose more than an aircraft or two at worst by taking out the UK fleets.

    However, for now, it looks like London falls on G3 unless something changes to make it more costly for G3 to accomplish it and as I just played it through this morning with the proposed changes, there isn’t much that changed other than G1 potentially having its BB and Cru exposed to a UK counter if UK decides to not scramble.

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    One reason to use them on land would be to take FRA, WFR, and SFR all at once … but it probably doesn’t outweigh the strategic advantage of sinking an extra SZ of Allied ships.

    Though you have me thinking now about how many land units you can safely free up (i.e. start moving toward Russia early) by using significant air over Paris and how much difference that would make against the USSR.  This would only make sense if you only do Sea Lion opportunistically and you plan an early Barbarossa.

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