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    I saw 28 days later last weekend, has any one else seen it? I enjoyed it the way it was filmed kind of gives you a knot in your stomach. Kind of like The Blair Witch Project.

  • ‘Equilibrium’ sounds great! I’ll check it out.
    Sounds like a new med for a great ‘trip,’ dudes!

    'Requiem for a Dream ’ sounds good, too!
    I need a little ‘downer’ every now and then to help level my mood swings.
    Self-medicating is very empowering.

    But, 'Pirates of the Carribean!?! Come on, guys! A movie based on a Disney amusement park ride?!? I heard there are plans for a few more…Space Mountain… and the Spinning Teacups(a real horror.)

    Again with the T3 carp! A Blonde T1000 with adjustable ta tas… how juvenile! Oh, that explains it.

    Most of these movies come down to some great computer generated graphics. NO ACTING. It’s a lost art form. Let’s call back the great actors/actresses of our past… Madonna, Charles Bronson, Tony Danza, Ellen Degenerate(sp.?)

  • El Jefe, youve cited B-movie actors, and other inadequate performers. unless you are making a joke (which i do not doubt you are) you have a very skewed view of “great” actors. Who is a great actor? Robin Williams, Tom Hanks, Sean Connery, Edward Norton, Nicholas Cage, Ed Harris, just to name a few.

  • I forgot to add the “Ha-ha!” at the end…

    i agree with about half your selections, but this is all subjective idolatry. 😄

    How bout some great ladies…
    Katherine Hepburn(da best)
    Meryl Streep(sp.?)
    Glenn Close
    As you may guess I am not fond of many current actresses.
    Who played the female lead in “My Cousin Vinnie”? She’s purty darn good!

  • El - Marisa Tomme and she was easy on the eyes huh? No one mentioned the Lizzy McGuire movie as a tops for this summer…

    waits to get smacked around

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