What is the best National Advantage (for Allies) for beginners

  • Hello,
    I am relatively inexperienced players (five full games so far). I play this game with a good friend who is very experienced.
    We have played without national advantage and we would like to try national advantages for the next game. Could someone elaborate national advantages for allies? Which one is easiest to play with? I dont have experience with technological development either. I believe the choice of national advantage can be a complicated decision when the technological development is taken into account. Thank You.

  • 3 suggestions:

    • Lend Lease for the Russians, if you are playing by out of the box rules. It allows the Russians to gain control of UK/US units on red territories, either ground or air ones, without a limit. Easy way to reinforce Russia by landing US/UK units in Archangel.

    • Mechanized Infantry for the US. Infantry now moves at 2. Great for sending fast stacks of units from Algeria to Asia.

    • Colonial Garrison for the UK with the IC placed on India.

  • Thank you very much.
    I play KGF.
    In that sense Nonaggression treaty is not too bad for Soviets. However, Lend lease looks stronger given that it makes Russia unbeatable.
    To me all British national advantages are useless. Colonial Garrison is the best of the worst.
    I also agree that Mechanized Infantry is the best national adv. for the US. However, I also like superfortresses.

  • 2007 AAR League

    If you play NA´s i would encourage you to just do away with super-fortress (USA NA)  Invulnerable SBR bomber is so incrediable unbalanced not even funny.

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