Good Moves for Germany For a Semi-Beginner

  • I was wondering what are some good moves for Germany at the begining of the of the game?  Germany is one of the choices I have played the least that and Russia, I usually play America or Japan.

    I was wondering is it feasible to wipe out all of the UK’s Med. Ships, Egypt, and the Transports north of Germany If I use all my ships and planes?  And If I did would the lose of the planes restrict any counter attacks I would make against Germany?

    I was thinking if I could distrupt the fleets the 1st turn as Germany the UK wouldnot beable to attack Norway, or Support in I think its Karelia for a turn or two atleast.  And if I were to take the Suez Canal it would nearly force the UK fleet in the pacific to either flee south around Africa (taking many turns to do anything.) or have to fight the Japs small fleet, either leading to mutual destruction or if they retreat Japanese planes could pick off the rest.

    The 2nd turn I was thinking to move the German Med Fleet to the western Seazone touching Algeria to prevent American landings until they can build a larger Atlantic Fleet which would subtract IPCs from either building a landing force or a large Pacific fleet for a few turns.

    Plan not to be very agressive vs Russia the 1st turn, just counter attack what Russia takes thier 1st turn (probably West Russia), but to distrupt Russia’s Allys and give Japan an advantage of having less problems to face in the Pacific.

    Finally can German Planes and Bombers even reach the UK transports around britain?

    Im sorry for some of these dumb questions but I do not have the board at my house this week, (its at AJgundam’s house he will hopefully be my Ally in Japan) so I do not know exactly where the units are on the board or how many, so this is all theory.

    Is any part of this a good strat for a beginner Germany?

  • The transports north of Germany?  If you mean the North Altantic ships, the battleship and transport in SZ 2, than I think you should avoid it.  The Russian player will usually have moved its submarine there R1, and Germany can only bring 1 sub, 1 bomber, and 1 fighter, and with the British battleship taking 2 hits to kill, there is too much of a chance for Germany to lose both planes and maybe not even sink it!  Now if Russia hasn’t added its sub, sounds intriguing…

    But as for clearing the Med, it is Absolutely Necessary for the German player.  The battleship off Gibralter, the destroyer of Egypt, and Egypt itself are primary targets for Germany Turn 1.  Usually the Altantic sub and 2-4 fighters go aftern the BB (you kinda of want to bring enough here to get two hits on the first round, don’t want to lose more than the sub here).  The German med fleet loads land units from Southern (what you bring depends on the bid–i.e. if any “extra” units were placed in Libya by the Axis player as a result of a bid to play that side.  Most players feel the game is slightly weighted to the Allies, and therefore in competition often spot the Axis a few units and/or IPCs to even it out.  In our tourney that average bid has dropped to 4-8 IPCs, though I feel it shoudl be closer to 9-12 IPCs at least).  This med fleet encounters the destroyer, usually with a fighter from Ukraine if it was not attacked Russia Turn 1, and then offloads into Egypt, with a bomber from Germany and maybe another fighter from Balkans.

    Leaving the battleship alive is crazy for obvious reasons–UK would be a wicked force early in the game if it was not sunk G1.  The destroyer is rarely left unattacked as it will always* be attacked when Egypt is invaded, and often in the rare times Egypt is not.  I have seen quality opponents leave Egypt alone G1, which I considered myself for a bit.  However, left alone Egypt has WAY too many options in the African/Indian theater.  Force him to retake Egpyt on UK1, in which case India is weakened for Japan.  If Egypt is taken strong (2 INF, 1 ART, 1 ARM in one game recently), and UK cannot attacke, well then Germany can gain very much income for several turns in Africa, a perilous situation for the Allies.

    You will find many threads going back on German first turn strategy.  I believe it is the most important purchase and combat move of the game, and the most inflexible for me in play (thought I have totally flip-flopped on naval buys).  It may seem too rigid, I would love to find a way to something new as Germany, but clearing the MED is IMO more important than threatening Russia on G1.  Once those first turn dice come out, the game becomes very volatile and I believe things open up considerably starting as early as USA 1.  I have played two games lately against some seriously skilled players, and in both had the same overall strategy as the Allies.  YET they are very different games.  The tides have turned for me and Switch so many times in the last three turns (and we are only on FIVE) that I cannot tell who’s winning but is is FLUID!

    Sounds like you have the right idea as Germany.  Stick to wiping out the Brits in Africa and don’t overreach on the Eastern Front and then after you can get creative with Germany.

    *I once, and only once, dabbled with an 8 bid for Axis, with an ART in Libya, and bring fighters from Ukraine and Balkans, and the bomber from Germany, and sending the battleship and transport into SZ 13 with the sub and 2 fighters.  Thus having a good chance of killing Egypt in one round without troops from Southern Europe, and killing the British battleship without losing anything (absorbing its hit with the German BB), taking Gibralter so UK cannot send fighters from England in a counter-attack.  I thought combined with an AC purchase in the Baltic would threaten a merge in G2 that would screw with the Allies.  I got massacred in a LowLuck game trying this out, which is a different beast but still the memory of that has changed my game, I think for the better.

  • 2007 AAR League

    I agree with Bebo, clearing the Med & Egypt are a must.  If you don’t close the Suez the British Indian fleet will swoop right in and really ruin your day.  With the Suez closed and the Med clear your BB & Transport will give you a lot of flexibility to land troops from algeria to the caucasus.  Add another transport & you’ll really be a thorn in the allies side.  As for Norway, there really is no way to prevent a landing on UK1 and if they really want it they will get it.  Your best bet is to prepare for a counter attack on G2.  This almost always requires your Baltic fleet to be intact.  There has been an ongoing discussion on whether or not to make a Naval purchase on G1.  I am one who believes in an Aircraft Carrier purchase on G1, in fact I usually add a transport also.  The transports give your Infantry a lot of mobility on your Northern Flank.  The downside is very few ground forces are purchased G1 forcing me to be on the Defensive against Russia until about G3.  I have had pretty good success with this strategy (but like any strategy, eventually someone will come up with a counter for it).

  • And leaving that DST alive and the Suez open invites another problem…
    A pretty nice UK fleet roaming the Indian Ocean.  By UK2 it can be 2 DST’s, an AC, 2 FIGs, 2 TRNs and a sub.  That puts them on par with Japan’s remaining fleet after Pearl…

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