Axis and Allies - game types error "Log file is full"

  • Hello all,
    at first sorry for my english, because I am from Czech republic. I have problem with my Axis and Allies game. I have played about 65 rounds now and in this time game typing error message something as “LOG file is full” and is impossible to continue with playing game. If I choose Load Game and click on saved game, the game starts as New game (on start). Folder with save games (Autosave and my 1 save) has about 50 MB. Thanky you for help !! thank you very much.

  • Not sure what program you are using but trying searching for *.log files in Windows explorer. You should find one dated the last time you didn’t get that message named something that seems like it could be the log file the program is mentioning. Copy it to another location (maybe rename it so the program doesn’t find it by accident) or in case this doesn’t work. Delete it from the orginal location and try using the program again.

    That is just a workaround and without any other info a shot in the dark. Does the folder with saved games have any files with .log extensions? The other thing is look for a way in options or tools to change the maximum size of the log file. Again just guessing.

  • I am using Axis and Allies game from 1998 year (Hasbro Interactive, Inc.). It is same as old desk game. In folder SaveGames are only these files:

    AutoSave.hst - 26 263 kB
    AutoSave.sav - 130 kB
    lukas.hst - 26 524 kB
    lukas.sav - 130 kB

    No LOG file present in game folder. In the preferences of the game is not any option as “log size limit” or other.

  • I’m afraid I don’t have any other ideas except maybe the log file is not in the saved games folder but somewhere else. I’m not really familiar with the program I just no that some log files can be deleted without consequence. Maybe someone else has an idea.  :|

  • I think, maybe SAV file is too big  :? Has somebody bigger this sav files than me?

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