• From what I understand the U.K. has to split its income between U.K. London and U.K. India.  Assuming the list that Taiki posted from memory is accurate then there does not appear to be any U.K. India specific NOs.  My question is this:  Can the U.K. split its NO bonus money however it wants to?  Can they give it all to India?  I would imagine that the ANZAC/Canada NO will be intact for several rounds, so India could be stronger in Global than they are in Pacific.

  • I would assume that the national objectives in Pac 40’ would indeed be UK India and via vis for UK London in Europe 40’. Specific income from NO’s and such would be given to the respecting side on the dividing line.

    I could be wrong about it though.

  • No there are different NOs for the Global game.

  • Official Q&A

    All UK NO bonuses go to Europe in the global game.

  • Okay…thanks for the clarification!!!

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