Should UK scramble in SZ's 110 and 111 in the Europe only game?

  • Typical G1 attack includes attacking these two sea zones and most players do not recommend scrambling planes into SZ 110, but am wondering if anything changes in the Europe only game.

  • @Suppressmeajumma

    Good question. I don’t feel many of the dynamics in Europe at the start of the game change. The addition of the Pacific really only impacts the game later on, with the US having to make choices and Japan pushing into the Middle East and Kazakhstan.

    So I don’t recommend scrambling.

  • @SuperbattleshipYamato

    Interesting. I used to think scrambling is fine since I like taking Tobruk as the UK instead of Taranto. I feel like Sealion is not that viable in 2nd Ed 1940, regardless of if it is the Global or Europe only, since UK will take out some German planes. I think Allies have a better chance to win if Germany is doing sealion than barbarossa.

    Edit: I have seen some forum threads that talk about baiting Germany into doing sealion, and scrambling into SZ 110 seems to be a way to do it.

  • @Suppressmeajumma

    To be honest, I’m mixed about scrambling. When I’m feeling bold I do it (especially, like you said, if I’m not doing Taranto), but conservatively I don’t do it.

    Sealion, from my experience, is really hard and almost impossible. Honestly in one of my Global games were it not for UK mistakes allowing the loss of London and Japan’s success Germany would’ve gone down.

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