Alternate Pacific 40 setup & NOs

  • These are just proposed for now, the goal is to reduce the incentive of a J1 DOW and to reduce incentive of an India crush, promoting a more global game.

    Placement changes:

    1. Removal of UK BB and 2 transports in SZ 37, replaced with a cruiser.
    2. Addition of a UK BB and 1 transport in SZ 39
      Reason: Slow down UK DEI expansion and decrease J1 DOW incentive.
    3. Replacement of US bomber at Philippines with tac fighter.
      Reason: increase SZ defense, also makes it harder to retreat the plane.
    4. Replacement of US transport with a destroyer in SZ 26
      Reason: reduce dicey J1 pearl grab and sneaky sub J1 attack
    5. Addition of Minor IC to Manchuria
      Reason: allow japan more build slots

    NO changes
    Removal of UK Kwangtung & Malaya NO, want to replace it with something but unsure of what.

    ANZAC occupation of original jap territory to be for every round.

    Replacement of US NO of Phi, to 3 of the following: Phi, Wake, Midway, Pearl.

    Replacement of US NO of Iwo and Oki to 2 of the following: Iwo, Oki, Carolinas.

    Replacement of Japan Haw NO to any 1 of the following: Haw, Mid, Wake.

    Any thoughts.

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