• This is very RAW, taken from the early pic when AAP40 was first coming out and the new AAE40 pic from the box art and making the two inner sides the same size and parellel with each other.  India really is very far off from each other on the two maps, I hope this is from distortion or the AAE40 pic was for test and not measured to line up.
    gameboard test2.jpg

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    Yeah, I hope it was distortion too, because this is going to look incredibly stupid if India does not line up.

    I don’t understand why they would not have designed the board as a whole (P40 and E40 combined) rather that design them one after another… It seems only logical to create the whole thing first, to make sure it all fits together and that the idea will work in practice. Otherwise they will have released two games, designed to play as one, without really using them as one… Which is the idea they were supposed to have designed them with: that they really are ONE game. I am no professional at board design, but you don’t have to be to see that designing them together is better than doing one first and the other second. cross your fingers and pray

  • At least….it’s gonna be better that this picture

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    At least….it’s gonna be better that this picture

    Well, yes… that much is certain.

  • @LHoffman:


    At least….it’s gonna be better that this picture

    Well, yes… that much is certain.

    Yeah, I started freaking out about India not lining up yet,  but because the Himalayas and China and all don’t match there either, I think it’s just this picture.  The match between those pictures is really rough with the one being on an angle and the other not so much…

  • Hello people the why the board lines up won’t fix the fact that India has two bumps.

  • just push your Pac board up, use the Himalayas as a guideline not India

  • the scale between the two pictures isn’t the same.  If the scall was correct it looks like the everything would line up correctly and look good

  • @finnman:

    Hello people the why the board lines up won’t fix the fact that India has two bumps.

    There aren’t two “bumps”.  There’s the tip of India on the Europe map, and only the side of that tip on the Pacific map.  If the image of the Pacific map weren’t larger and the maps lined up correctly, it looks like it should work close enough.

  • North America doesn’t line up (TripleA designers are going to get mad) and seems that if you line India, America is even worst lined and viceversa  😛 Also, it lacks parts of China and Himalayas … it’s totally possible that the final map changes a bit from this … they included a trial map in AAP40 game manual after all … unpolished as best  😐

  • India will not have two “bumps”! So stop claiming that it will.

    Proof? –-Take out your AAP40 map (if you do not have an AAP40 then go buy one) and closely look at India.

    Now follow the India coastline to the back of the game board.

    See how the coastline is still going southeast.

    Depending on where the black backer paper is, you can see 5-6mm (1/4") of the AAE40 map.

    On my game board I can see some of the boarder separating E. India from W. India.

    Just like on the other edge of the same board is 5-6mm (1/4") of the other half of AAP40 map.

    I can see—
      —part of the"M" of Marianas (SeaZone 22),
      — half of the “G” of New Guinea
      — half of the “Q” of Queensland
      — half of the “N” of New South Wales

    The bottom of India on the AAP40 map is NOT the southern tip of India.

    The coastline continues southeast a few millimeters on the AAE40 map before heading northeast.

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