• 😄 I have made 3 new rules that make Axis and Allies more tactical, stratigical and intellectual. They are Kamikaze, Spys and Paratroopers.

  • This rule is simple enough, you can only kamikaze with one fighter for each country. But you may send more than one fighter from each country as long as the planes movement persists. This is done in the combat movement phase of a players go. Land units and naval units may be targeted. When Kamikazing on an enemy country/territory with land units on it, you look at the IPC value and thats how many dice you roll, on a roll of 3 or less the enemy takes a hit for every 3 or less rolled. You cannot Kamikaze on a territory with a higher IPC value of three. When a hit is 1 or more hits are scored the player who did a kamikaze attack chooses which of the enemy units to remove, also the players fighter who did a Kamikaze attack is removed as a casualty. If your country/territory has an AA-gun it may fire at the fighter before it Kamikazes, on a roll of 1 the plane is shot down and doesn’t do any damage.

    When targeting a water zone with naval units you may only roll one dice and on a roll of 3 or less a hit is scored and the player who did a kamikaze attack chooses which unit to remove as a casualty, also the player’s fighter who did a Kamikaze attack is removed as a casualty. :roll: 😉 😛 :-? 😄

  • 😄 In the next couple of days I will put up the last two remaining rules!! 😄

  • My old name used to be pointy and now my new name is baiamare, here are the two remaining rules I have made.

    :lol: Spy Game: If this rule is applied any player may send one of its infantry behind enemy lines in the combat movement phase of their go. Only one spy per country is allowed and it remains there till:

    1. Its killed,
    2. You take over that country, then the spybecomes a normal infantry unit.
      When a player sends a spy into an enemy occupied territory/country the enemy player roles a dice, on a roll of three or less the spy is uncovered and killed with no chance of counterattacking. If the spy is not found out it may remove an enemy infantry. This process
      is done in the players turn who sent the spy and the enemy players turn that the spy is in. So a die is rolled on both players turns and on a die roll of three or less the spy is removed, the roll is always done in the combat movement phase, and infantry is removed once per each players turn till the above scenarios happen (1) or (2). You may send more than one spy per country territory, but you have to have the same number of infantry left in a country with the same IPC value e.g. Say the U.S.S.R player has 5 infantry in Karelia, the ICP value of Karelia is 3 so they may send one infantry in Eastern Europe and/or one infantry in Ukraine S.S.R. The spy remains in that country even if the enemy moves out. A spy cannot eliminate tanks, planes or ships. 😄

    😉 :oops: A spy can be brought in by a transport, if the ship ingages in naval combat it is destroyed with the spy also eliminated, normal spy rules apply after landing. Also a transport may carry two spies, dropping one off in a country and the other one in another country. When a bomber conducts a strategic bombing raid, it may carry between 1 to 6 spies on board and drop one in every country to and from the industrial combat being bombed any spies not used, land with the bomber in a friendly territory and turn back into infantry at least one spy must be dropped e.g. A GB bomber carrys 6 spies, it flies over Europe drops one infantry in western europe, one in germany and bombs germany then drops one in eastern europe and finally one in ukraine s.s.r. the bomber lands in Caucasu. Spies can also be dropped by flyovers e.g. a bomber carrys three spies, it flys over west. europe, south. europe, libya and lands in anglo-egypt sudan, it drops one spy in every german occupied country it flies over. The bomber is shot at when flying over every country with an AA-gun. Long range bombers may take 1 to 8 spies on board and they work as a normal bomber.

    Paratroopers: Like dropping spies off in the previous rule a player may want to paratroop troops behind enemy lines with bombers. But this time a bomber may only do a flyover not a strategic bombing and every enemy occupied territory/country that you fly over and has an AA-gun gets a shot at every bomber paratrooping troop. You may drop different units in as many countries as you like that the bomber flies over. If an AA-gun scores a hit against a paratrooping bomber, the player whos bomber was shot down rolls a dice to see if the units paratrooped off the bomber before it was hit, on a roll of three or less the paratroopers survived and land as normal, on a roll of four or more paratroopers still on board are eliminated. Paratroopers may not retreat its a fight to the death also any aircraft involed in the land battles may not retreat. Landing paratroopers is done in the combat movement phase. A bomber can carry six infantry or three tanks or a mixture, kepping in mind a tank is worth two infantry and a long range bomber can carry eight infantry or four tanks or a mixture, kepping in mind a tank is worth two infantry. All paratroopers must be dropped in an enemy country or territory before the bomber can land. :oops: :x 😮 😞 🙂 😄

  • Somebody post the address of the rules so he can see the Paratrooper and the Kamikazi Variations.

    I’m not sure about the kamikazi rule, but I think it can only be used at sea. Besides, I believe you also let the defender pick his loss , so he’d escort his CV…TRUST ME, I KNOW.

    I do not think the spy rule will work. If you roll once in the Spyers and once in the spyees turn …in general … you’ll lose your spy after the enemy loses one INF … If you are lucky maybe he’ll lose 2.

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