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    a sub purchase as germany could be turned into 2 infantry
    a carrier purchase could be 2 tanks and 1 artillery

    if you buy navy as germany, expect russia to become huge and to lose ALL territories east of poland

  • Depends on how much money you sink into your navy, how aggressive Japan is, and how much your navy slows down the US/UK.  You start with a decent TUV advantage against Russia, and a higher income.  You also don’t have Japan slamming units at you from 3 directions.  Also keep in mind a Japan SBR tactic against Russia in a situation like this is a valid option.  One thing I like about 42 is it seems a bit more freeform than the old revised as there are alot of options (at least till we all learn it).

    But, the most versatile build is the bomber.  At 12 IPCs this thing is the bane of the allies, esp as hanging out in France lets it hit almost the entire atlantic AND most of russia.

  • Might I suggest the bomber sub combo for killing the UK fleet and or US invasion fleet?  The bombers coupled with fighters and subs for fodder is devastating to a fleet made of capital ships. I honestly don’t think you need to worry about the fleets at first. Securing africa poses more of a problem to the allies. It forces the allies to respond sooner than later and keeps them out of europe for a couple of turns. I have had success with a IC in Egypt in the second round but I am not sure it was due to the IC or the opposing players lack of counter moves. I think one  transport with a cruiser is a better buy. If you can link the new cruiser and transport with the original med battleship and transport you then can shuck to Egypt and have the option for amphibious assault on Caucus with two free attacks when the time is right. The advantage of the cruiser/transport buy is that you get a start on a German navy and it makes you money buy helping you take Africa.  I think the key to beating the Allies is to counter them asymmetrically early in the game. Unless the allied player(s) are really good, you should be able to lead them around and destroy there fragmented fronts.

  • I haven’t tried building a German Navy yet (I think air suffices for deterring landings), but I’d like to explore his notion of not putting troops into Africa.  I tried this in my last game.  I had always hit Egypt.  But, unless you continue to ship units there, the US can ferry a lot of troops to Algeria (and eventually to WU or SU).  The US Navy is pretty weak in the Atlantic to start.  Why not take out the British Battleship, move African troops as far west as possible, and make sure the US doesn’t land in Africa.  It will be very hard for them to land in Europe being 2 turns away.

    If you take out Egypt at all costs, US lands in Algeria and you divert troops from hitting Russia.

    I think you take out UK navy in S2 and S13 (with right air support and battleship 2 hits you likely only lose a sub).  Move Baltic Navy to S6 (within range of any UK1 build).  S6 and possibly S13 Navy takes out any UK boats on turn 2 for sure.  It also saves half your air for G1 attacks at Russia and all for G2 attacks.  It keeps US out of Europe or Africa for 3+ turns and UK off Norway for at least 3 turns.  That is key because it allows you to use the 3 inf in attacks on Russia.  It also allows you to only leave the  starting infantry behind in WU and roll more tanks into Russia.

  • I take back what I said about forgetting Africa.  With the new transport rules, it is much easier to fend off Allied convoy’s, especially for the first few turns.  I did some testing (having the new TripleA now) and this is what seemed to work best:

    -Take out see zone 2 with sub and whatever air needed.  Leave Canada transport for Baltic fleet as it won’t have much of an escort with sea zone 2 dead
    -take out battleship in sea zone 13 with remainder of air that can reach.
    -grab 1 inf and 1 tank from Southern Europe, land in Egypt with all land forces that can reach and fighter that can reach from eastern front.
    -take Karelia with Norway troops and reserves.
    -consolidate on Karelia, Belorussia and Ukraine

    Hold Eastern line (trading if need be) until Japs storm in back side.
    trade Baltic fleet for any UK1 fleet build
    Keep majority of air in Western Europe and buy a bomber a turn (for 3 turns).  Sink everything

    Eventually Japan storms in as usual, and it takes 3+ turns for a large enough fleet to hold off Germany’s air.

    Another thing I tried was taking the Japan fleet in the East Indies and spare fighters and take out India fleet, then move through Mediterranian see to hold Gibralter with the German Battleship.  This bought an extra turn or two of holding off allied fleet.  You don’t need it in the Pacific anyway assuming you destroy the Pearl Harbor fleet.

    It caused me to lose all but Kwangtung on Asia initially, but I ferried so many troops in after the first turn it didn’t matter.  The allies have no supply line in eastern Asia to stop you, and with half the Japan fleet in the Atlantic with the German boats left, it made African and Western Europe landings impossible.  They only thing the Allies can do is Norway landings, which take twice as long from the US.

    I’m not sure of a good Allied counter to this.  I did have the PC move the Russian sub to sea zone 2, which helped take out more units in that battle (still only lost a fighter and sub).

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