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    What is a good purchase order for Germany, to really stabilize the Russian front, and then to really dominate the drive into Russia where they have to pull back? There is no Italian can opener option in this turn order. Do you do 2 turns of slow walkers…art/inf mix, and then mech/armor, or 1 turn of slow walkers then fast movers? Which is a good route, north to Leningrad or the G40 style drive south of the Prippet Marshes? � In G40 with a G3 declaration of war, people more skilled than me can hit Moscow G6 or G7 with a fair chance. But this game is much more difficult for the Axis Europe side IMHO. Anyone develop a strategy for G42 Germany? I’m almost at the point of thinking that the Axis side should get a small bid.

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    In the tourney, the battle between my Japan and the KJF was a maneuvering battle culminating in a massive J6 battle it was epic.

    As far as Germany goes, you obviously need to rebuild and consolidate.  If you get lucky you may have some forces left in the atlantic or on the Russian front (this happened several times), but with average luck, probably not.

    If you are playing with the tournament economic rules, Axis with 125 IPCs+, its a 7-8 turn game.  Keeping in mind you want to go for the money, leapfrogging into the Russian south is a solid strategy.  Germany and Italy have a lot less punch than in G40 so I suggest buying some strat bombers in order to ward off the fleets.  Fighters may be needed to oppose strategic bombings.

    As Germany id’ buy 1 SB/turn, 3-4 infantry to protect Denmark W/Germany, 2-3 mechs, 1-2 armor.  If you want to shut off the Russian convoy buy a DD or two.  Would depend on US buys because you’ll need to do much more defense if the US is going to attack you, Italy may need some of Germany’s defensive stuff.

    If all goes well, Germany and Italy can form up and destroy Russia as in G40, gaining most of the objectives/money.  The key then is to keep all of the Atlantic Wall and Italy, all of the +2 IPC stuff intact.  they can take some of it but not all of it.

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    Thanks for the advice taamvan! I agree that if Germany can drive towards the south, it would be a better route. It just seems much more difficult.

    In the G42 setup, Germany starts with an Africa Corp (1 mech, 1 armor), plus a destroyer / transport comb in the Med. However, is that really a “red herring,” � is north Africa really a lost cause for Germany…or worth the investment?

    I’ve seen people just write it off and even use the German Africa Corp mech or tank, or even 1 infantry from S. France to take Cyprus in order to deny the UK Europe board National Objective. This results in the German transport being lost.

    But on one table top game I witnessed, I saw Italy actually take control of Africa (UK must have gotten really diced). For the most part, the UK seems to have Egypt so secured that it almost seems like it would be a drain of resources for Germany to drop more units there. Trying to get the upper hand before the US starts landings on Morocco like they did in 1942 seems difficult when the resources might be better spent on beefing up the drive into Russia (Operation Blue). Barbarossa was the code name for the offensive launched in 1941…Blue was the drive which led German allied units towards Stalingrad and the Caucasus. �

    My opinion is that N. Africa is a lost cause, but it would be ok for Germany to try to sneak down some warships (secure Med) on G2 and into the med G3 if the situation permitted an I2 capture of Gibraltar. Can anyone convince me of a plan that makes it worth Germany spending resources on N. Africa? Remember, in this setup, Germany starts with less planes (after R1 and a fighter is lost), and less ground forces.

    Any thoughts or comments are welcome.

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    I tried all sorts of permutations where Germany kept that stuff.  Taking Cypress, or Malta or Gibraltar is pretty much required because the UK NO and USSR NO are +10 IPCs for the allies, per turn, every turn.

    The best way to keep the Germany junk alive seemed to be buying an air base for Greece G1.  However, especially if they KGF, you’re not going to have the money to waste on bases or strategic placements.  Also, I consider NAfrica to be a deathtrap in all versions of the game, if you can’t rescue that stuff it will eventually get overwhelmed.  In my experience, on G1-G3 you’ll need every fighter and every ship (well, and every IPC for land defense) to set up your strategic defense…none can be spent on luxuries.  Germany doesn’t attain the critical income threshold in G42 in the same timeframe and also, instead of having 5-6 major armies/fleets it has more like 2-3.

    Having said all that, your goal will be just as in G40;  forget fleet/air buys with Italy and make an armored spearhead that can leapfrog.  With Italy’s help, Germany actually can wreck Russia because relatively speaking, Russia is no more powerful in G42 as it is in G40.  I didn’t think that there would be time to take Moscow, but in one game we forced them to abandon it (back out) or lose everything.  Same india, they were forced to back away from the capital but despite multiple takes, Japan couldn’t keep it.

    If you can sweep the allied fleets from the Atlantic, especially if they are KJFing, then the endgame is easy for the Axis because they only need to defend a limited group of territories.  The Axis has an advantage without a bid because the economic victory (125 IPCs) only requires that they grab 1-2 regions of the board and keep what they have to start with…in most games they grab more like 3-4 regions (china, some money islands, south Russia, north Russia) and so they can even lose a capital and still win.

  • This game has no mechs,pripet marshes or Italy player.I suspect you’re discussing the 42 version of Global.

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