• Hello,

    This map is my new project and has came out of my entry for the GTO game article competition. My goal is to map the Axis objectives and options on Spring 1942 to help improve coordination and game play. I’m planning to include an article explaining it all but I’d like to get some feedback on the map for the time being.

    Here’s a brief explanation of the map

    Objectives/Importance (represented by colors)

    • Grey/Yellow - Defend Germany/Japan
    • Purple - Power Projection (conquer and control key areas)
    • Red - Conquer Russia
    • Blue - Secondary
    • Brown - Impossible/rookie mistakes

    Actions (territory symbols)

    • Infantry - stacking locations
    • Artillery - contest nearby territories
    • Armor - objectives
    • AA Gun - strategic bombing targets
    • IC - IC use/possible locations
    • Fighters - airbase locations (threaten nearby SZs/support ground advance)

    Actions (sea zone symbols)

    • Battleship - Naval superiority/survival
    • Carrier - Locations for strike fleets
    • Fighters - range for fighters on the closest carrier (only in Atlantic and Pacific)
    • Bomber - range for bombers on airbase locations
    • Submarine - contest naval areas/fleet strike range
    • Destroyer - protect from amphibious landing
    • Transport - transport/amphibious assault operations
    • Cruiser - special missions (German presence on Pacific on KJF, Solomon watch, etc.)

    Any comments?

    PS -  The working map is 2500x1000, I just had to shrink it to post a pic of it on the forum.

  • And here’s the draft Allied map. It’s still incomplete on a number of details but the correspondences/differences between both are quite interesting.

    *The major territory nodes for the Axis/Allies to conquer/stack are Yakut, Sinkiang, Karelia, Ukraine, India and Egypt.

    • For SZs: 12, 14-16, 34, 36, 60, 45, 8, 5

    The difficult part is really how the objectives reflect KGF/KJF/Mixed… still not sure how I’m going to split those up.


  • Add more colors, use multiple maps, or express things in terms of formulas.

    Know what I m=-qals+An?

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