• I’ve been lurking around here for a little while now and I owe my first a&a victories at least partially to you guys, props!

    In the department of Germany, USSR and Japan I’ve read amazing things that really helped form a new perspective of the playing field. But I kind of lack these insights regarding the UK and USA, strategies usually have " well then the UK or US can land here"  type of element in them but never specifics and certainly not in the level of detail of some german or russian strategies.

    The problem I face in allied games is that the USA doesn’t really influence a lot the game. Its hard to do anyting in the pacific due to the massive fleet buildup needed to achieve anything and it takes a very long time before US land forces can land in a continious stream in any european or africa zone.

    Usually I move my land forces to canada, place transports in the sea there. Continue to buy transports and land units and eventually get some sort of transport train going on with 4 transports at the sea at norway/algeria/western europe and 4 at canada. But I think it takes too long to build up and it takes too long to make any sort of difference

    So what should the US do?

    In my head I am playing with the idea of building fighters, flying them to england the next turn and to any frontline russian zone the turn after. Eventually you get a stream of 3/4 fighters going into the frontline. This should make it really hard to take out any russian stack.

    The US can get involved a lot faster and strenghten crucial stacks. Isn’ t this an effective way of putting those US IPCs to work ?

    Another idea that doesn’ t want to leave my head is investing heavy in bombers and start strategic bombardments on germany. With 5 bombers you can hit him for anywhere between 5 and 30 ipcs, expected value being 15.

    please tell me what you guys think you should do with america.

  • '12

    I usually play the Axis.  What is the most difficult to defend is a combined US and British force near Germany.

    American fighters with no land forces means all you can do is add defense and pose a threat against navy, since there is no german navy and Japans navy is out of range you are on defense only.  Picking off lone infantry with a stack of fighters is expensive and should only be done to spring allied tank forces.

    With US navy help the British get going faster and spend more on land forces and less on navy to defend transports.

    The 1-2 punch of the allies is something you have to account for on every territory the allies can hit.  The brits might get hurt softening up a target but then the US hits it and knocks out what is left.  So you as Germany now are on a leash, get your forces to far away from Germany and you are in trouble.  You have to always keep enough back to prevent a beachhead from forming.

    Since the allies with have much airpower only a few land forces can do much damage.  3-4 tanks with 4-8 air units can take out 6 land units easily and at an attrition expense the allies can afford.

    It does take a bit of time to set up your supply chain so work on slowing down the axis until this happens or playing conservatively until the US can come in to save the day.

    The thing to do with any country is to ensure you can threaten alot!  You might never carry out the attacks but threaten EVERYWHERE you can to force your opponent to defend alot of places.  The allied navy can hit 3-4 spots Germany controls so they either trade those spots or defend them heavily enough you cannot attack.  If Germany defends 3 places you are leveraging your force by a factor of 3 in tying up Germanys forces so they are not on Russia’[s doorstep.

  • As the US you should have 12 transports up and running to maximize your capacity. This might mean a constant shuck of 12 ground a turn (6 transports pick up and offload, while 6 return to EUS waters for next turns pick up), or you could have 1-2 transports harrasing while 5 transports shuck 10 men a turn and a plane or so.

  • America is a bit slow but is the force of the Allies.  I usually abandon Asia and just move the fighter and infantry to India if Japan does not kill them.  Then i buy 1 bomber per turn move to UK and industrial bomb Germany every turn while building up my navy at USA.  Once my navy is large enough to withstand German aircraft i move to UK and have a fleet of transports at UK and USA and rotate every turn to attack western Europe every turn.  If Japan does not Pearl Harbor i normally move the Navy to UK to get Germany on a 2 front war ASAP.

    If Japan does not “Pearl Harbor” Sometimes i buy subs first turn consolidate my USA navy then attack Japans waters and force them to buy industrial complexes and buying time to buildup India with UK and possibly place US industrial complexes in Asia.  This can really put japan back a turn or two. it really hurts Japan if they are buying transports if they see it coming they are force to defend by buying navy or buy industrial complexes which takes pressure off of Russia and India.

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