• Who here plays online at this place?  http://www.gametableonline.com/.

    I tried to play axis & allies revised (i’m guessing) and they want like $10 bucks to play multi-player.  I guess its not a horrible deal if you got some friends you want to play across the states.  I’m just curious if people here use it.  The computer was easy I steam rolled him bad as axis.  I’m sure its not much of an accomplishment.

    There any other place you can play this game or the other variants?


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    GTO is fun, but they only offer Revised, not Spring 42.   I guess I was lucky because I never had to pay activation fees.  I would recommend the PBE feature as a better way to play Axis on GTO then the live server (about 20c a game in coins but well worth it)…this allows people to pause/save without losing the game and you don’t have to worry about timers and disconnects messing up a good game.

    Many of us prefer the free-ware program TripleA…vastly superior features (save, edit, game history, odds calcs, and much more) and more gaming variety (ie more maps and mods)…just not so many bright colors and its only a war-gaming program…


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    check out the links in my sig

    triplea will play all versions of a&a

  • Thanks will check out tripleA.

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