• Does anyone fancy a game of AA 50 on Triple A?  I need to hone my skills by watching great players \o/

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    i’d love to, but right now we have to wait for (the next update) because the internet lobby is down

    edit: is out and most bugs are fixed.  it can be found here http://triplea.sourceforge.net/mywiki so everyone else on this forum should give a try

  • Cant you connect for direct ip?

  • I’ll probably be interested, 41 +NOs, no tech, dice or LL you decide, although I prefer LL. Not too slow play, and I have a strict noEDIT policy, edit allowed only for game engine bugs. We could try 42 also, and also maybe w/o NOs.
    I can host, at least I could the last time I checked.

  • Sure mate im up for those rules… plus edit mode is for WIMPS 😛

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    Is working for you guys?  I keep trying to get online but no luck.
    Also, we could do a direct ip game, or a game by email.
    When are you, or anyone else interested, online?
    (I’m in the USA, colorado, so anytime usually after 7:30pm MST (9:30EST))

  • Triple A build lobby should be working fine.  Was on last night, just connect anonymously.  I usually have to use Hamachi to get around router issues.

    ALWAYS play your games on tripleA if you can, btw, its so much faster than PBEM.  Even if you have to start over (if it crashes), but I haven’t seen any crashes so far.

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