Additionally units - are they useful?

  • Axis & Allies is already very complicated, especially the sub rules.

    Additionally units/rules will make it more complicated.
    Yet, they can make the game more interesting, maybe more balanced:

    1. Fortress

    cost 2 IPC
    may not move
    defend at 2
    has no attack value

    can be build in any country you control at the beginning of your turn, no IC is required there

    Fortresses are 100% defensive units and may be useful for Russia, Germany, Italy, maybe UK. US and Japan will use them rarely.

    1. ATG

    Anti-Tank-Guns have a defense bonus against Tanks.

    Cost 4 IPCs

    Attack at 1, Defend at 2, movement 1
    Defend at 3 if attacked by tanks.


    Attacker has 10 infantry and 5 tanks.
    Defender has 13 ATGs. 5 ATGs defend at a 3 due to a 1:1 relation to attacking tanks, 8 defend at a 2.

    ATGs will mainly used by Russia and Germany for the Eastern front. Maybe UK and US consider landing ATGs to discourage Germany to push them back by infantry and tanks, especially in France and Norway.

    1. Paratroopers

    Exist right now as a development, but only along with bombers. An Alternative:

    Paratroopers cost 5 IPC
    They move 1, attack at 1 and defend at 2 same as normal infantry.
    Once they may move 3 spaces to use their paratroop ability.

    Place a marker below the infantry piece to mark them as paratroopers and distinguish from normal infantry. Once they used their paratroop ability remove the marker and use them as normal infantry. If they land in a country containing a AA Gun or you fly over such a country that AA gun will try to shot the paratroopers down. Roll a dice for each paratrooper unit, any 1 will be a hit and that paratrooper units will be removed immediately.

    Landing Paratroopers do attack at a 1. They can’t use the attack bonus from artillery support. Once they landed they are treated as normal infantry and may use the artillery support bonus in future battles.

    Paratroopers may be useful to almost any country, but are very expensive !

    1. Heavy Cruisers

    Variation a)

    a 3/3 unit with to hits (minor battleship)

    Variation b)

    a 4/4 unit with one hit (that’s much more realistic. Heavy cruisers had as strong artillery as battleships, but much weaker armory)

    heavy cruisers should cost 15 IPC and could conduct shore bombardment

    I am not really sure if these units will be build, as long as normal cruisers will bombard too.

    1. Revised destroyers

    destroyers cost 9 IPC instead of 8 but can carry one infantry unit, but no other ground unit.
    All other rules remain.

    History: see the invasion of Norway by Germany in WWII, when most of the infantry were transported by destroyers instead of transports.

    1. revised subs

    all rules remain, despite a new one:
    if subs hit the attacker has the right to assign a hit to a transport. This can’t by denied by the defender.

    This is realistic as well. A lot of subs only attacked transports. They sunk them but eventually got sunk themselves by convoy defending destroyers or fighters.

    So far my ideas, there are other ideas as well, be free to mention them. Maybe Larry Harris
    will pick one of those ideas for the next edition of Axis & allies !?  😉

  • I slightly redesigned my concept of ATGs:

    ATGs should be 1(2)/2(3)/1 units.

    1/2/1 vs all units except tanks
    2/3/1 vs tanks

    It’s more logical to get the + 1 bonus against tanks as an ATG in both, attack and defense.

    This makes ATGs more valuable and justifies its costs of 4 IPC.

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