Variant: Duoble Starting Units / Double Money

  • The allies start with a combined income of 90 the Axis with 57, a 33 IPC spread in favour of the allies. Anything that increases this spread in favour of the allies hurts that axis. Since the Axis is fairly equipment rich and income poor wouldn’t it make more sense to go the other direction?


    Now the allies only have a 24 IPC spread. Both sides build up slower so this benefits the axis.


  • BB, somehow that makes sense to me. I’m sobering up already.

  • When I first joined I got an error when submitting the form, so I tried again and it said my username already existed…. Guess the error was non-fatal and it still posted. I logged in and the rest is history.


  • BB,pretty much the same thing happened to me. I registered as gatorade, but when I use gatorade as a username I get the same error message. Ironically, sometimes when I use dubya or guest as username it will be credited to gatorade. I think it is my computer doing somethin funky. My recent solution is to call myself dubya also gatorade. Go figure.

  • Bad memory maybe, but bad math, not likely. When I said round up by 1.5 I meant by individual territory. So a 1 IPC territory becomes 1.5, or 2 for Axis and 1 for Allies, which is why it would even out the game more. Granted it would be a royal pain in the a** to actually try and play this way. Recalculating your totals every time would quickly make the game unplayable.

  • Thanks for the clarification C_F. It will definitely even the game out or even favors the Axis. Africa is much more attractive since the value essentially doubles for the Axis. The Axis can exploit the many odd IPCs territories. The Axis will catch up to the Allies economically in no time while having a superior number of units.

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