• Please, read this letter and tell me 2 errors it has. I’m not saying political stuff (one can agree or not agree), I’m saying two things that simply are errors

    In fact, it’s funny because similar errors are sometimes made here and there (and here in Spain we have people that also made that type of errors)  :lol:


    Edit: in fact, it has 3, but the third is too difficult for a non Spanish  🙂

  • I have no idea.  I read it and it seemed grammatically correct, didn’t have any glaring lies/untruths and didn’t seem like a joke.

    Is it that there are no Jews in Spain or something?  I have no idea.

    But I’m curious…why was it sent in English?  Why did the US send it and not Israel?  Aren’t there better things to do?

  • Yes, there are jews in Spain, but that’s not the error

    About your last three questions, I agree, there are better things to do

    But not, I was not saying nothing about politics (or even about racism). Also, nothing about grammatic (I cannot say nothing about that since my english is not perfect, even the written one)

    It’s simpler that it appears, at least for 2 of the 3 errors. Remember, they are errors, not lies. I’ll give a karma +1 to the first non-spanish who discovers it  🙂

  • Well, ok.  I guess “Jose” should be “José.”

    And there are probably some other accents missing on the “Casa Sefarad…” part.

  • Good catch! You are approaching. In fact, I didn’t notice the accents. It fails one accent in “José” and another in “Rodríguez” and another in “Fundación” You get a karma +1 for noticing a fail I didn’t saw  😄

    But those are not the ones I was saying. There are, at least, another 3. For making things easier, it’s not an orthographical or gramatical error  🙂

    And with the ones you discovered, the total of failures is 6  😄

  • Well I guess that instead of Complejo de la Moncloa they should have put Complejo del Moncloa?

    I’m not sure what you are looking for.   😐

  • @LT04:

    Well I guess that instead of Complejo de la Moncloa they should have put Complejo del Moncloa?

    I’m not sure what you are looking for.   😐

    Almost: it should say “Palacio de la Moncloa”. That was the difficult one. Two more left

    And karma for you also, good try  😉

    Palacio de la Moncloa (I guess in English is Moncloa’s Palace) is similar, in Spain, to USA’s White House, as you could guess

    Edit: I searched the official page and live to see! In fact, “Complejo de la Moncloa” is right!. OK, I guess that there is a complex with residences, police stations or such, and inside is the Palacio de la Moncloa, where spanish president lives.

    So that was not a error after all! Sorry for that one, it’s obvious that we all make errors  :|. But the other two are truly errors without doubt. And one of them is specially comic, at least for we Spanish

  • I would argure that the address was correct.  Here is a link to the La Moncloa home page.


    Move to the very bottom of the screen it says:

    © Presidencia del Gobierno 2009. Complejo de la Moncloa, Avda. Puerta de Hierro, s/n. 28071 Madrid. (España).”

  • No, the address in not correct. As you say, Complejo de la Moncloa is correct (I also checked the official page)

    But there is not “Republic of Spain” since 1939. That country doesn’t exist now. Spain, now, is a kingdom and her king is Juan Carlos I. That should say “Kingdom of Spain”. It’s funny because it’s not the first time: Jeb Bush also made the same mistake in a conference in Spain a couple of years ago, and in a tennis championship in Australia, they put the republican national music (Himno de Riego) instead the used now (Marcha Real). Imagine the face of Spannish tennists  :lol:

    And Rodriguez Zapatero is not the Prime Minister. He is the President of the Government (even if he makes basically the same than UK Primer Minister)

    Is also funny that such errors sometimes happen in Spain. Not the republican"" error, but sending letters to a non-existant minister or to a place where the official building was there 5 years ago but now is in another place  😄

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