October 1st: Alexander's victory at Gaugemala

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    Today, 1st October 331BC Alexander defeated the Persians under Emperor Darius III.
    Alexander was a Macedonian and had been taught by his father, Phillip, to hate the Persians. When his father was assassinated he decided to take on the Persian empire. In 334BC  his 50000 strong army left Greece and he conquered army after army, until at last the Emperor could no longer ignore him. (He had tried to bribe him.)
    Darius may have had 200000 men with him near the town of Arbela on the plain of Gaugemala. It was perfect ground for his scythed chariots and 15 elephants. His plan was to use his superior numbers to encircle Alexander. On arriving Alexander rested his men, while the Persians remained awake, fearing attack. Exhaustion would be a factor.
    When the Persian cavalry advanced they left the centre open and Alexander headed for Darius, who fled. Alexander then turned on the flanks. The Persians disintegrated with perhaps 40000 dying. Alexander’s losses were small.
    Darius was later killed by his own men and Alexander was now commander of the biggest Empire ever known.

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