Options for Russia when Germany plays defensively

  • I was wondering what some of you who have been playing a lot as the Allies like to do with Russia in response to a mostly German infantry build on G1.  It seems to me that this would allow Russia to help out more in Asia or Africa and limit the Axis income greatly.  I pondered a 5 submarine build in Caucasus to help destroy the Italian navy on turn 2 but then remembered that they are limited to 4 units in Caucasus, which reduces the odds of success.  Any ideas or things that you have actually tried that ended with success?

  • On G1 if they go infantry, then on R1, I’m going 6 armor.

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    Germany going heavy infantry round 1 seems to be pretty standard regardless of what plan they have decided to pursue.  Actually, with 31 IPC, it’s pretty common to see 9 Infantry, Artillery on Germany 1 because many players, myself included, ascribe to the philosophy that Germany should endeavor to produce 10 units a round, every round.

    Russia, meanwhile, can produce 12 units a round, but rarely has the cash to do so.

    If Germany, on round 2, seems to be going defensive play, then I call this a German player who is ripping his own testicles off and wondering why he can’t get a woman pregnant.  However, if they do go defensive, then Russia should start by building up artillery for trading territories as well as armor.

    Generally speaking, if Germany went conservative, I like to see Russia in Poland/Czeck by the end of Russia 4 latest, with round 5 or 6 seeing large stacks preventing Germany from trading anymore. (Russia should have +15 from NOs by this point, Germany +0 since Bulgaria would be out of range for Liberation and thus, the Europe NO is lost.)

  • I’d probably go for a surge into china while holding the line against Germany.  Never seen this before though so I don’t know for sure, usually Russia just gets beat on while US/UK try to get something going.  My usual Russian strat is kill as many German and Japanese units as possible.

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