• I’ve had 2 Axis victories and 2 Allied victories, both with NOs and tech.

  • Concerning AA fire - Once tried to bomb Germany into oblivion.

    3 UK Bombers - 2 shot down - UK rolled 1 for damage
    6 US bombers - 4 shot down - US rolled 3 for damage

    you can say - sh it happens 😉 - unfortunately (for the axis) the following German thrust to moscow saw a streak of 5+6s for germanys dice and the Allies kept rolling 1s… (habit of letting the attacker roll for AA fire ;))

  • In my few games I’ve had without Tech and NOs:

    Axis:4 games

    Allies: None.

    These games were really to get a feel for the game itself and work the kinks out.

  • '18 '17 '16 '11 Moderator


    I am not that surprised at the Axis having a lead. I am just now starting to really flesh out some of my Allied strategies, while my Axis plans have been worked out for weeks.

    What is truly troubling is the '42 scenario. I have played a few more of those that were not here and they were also Axis wins. The one game that is in progress that may result in an Allied win has seen Japan irrelevant for all intents and purposes since turn 3, England fall on turn 7, and the Russians get some nice dice luck in about turn 12 or so to stay alive.

    I average about 3 games during the week offline. I will have to keep some notes on those as well.

    But you got to admit that game has been the most fun of any game we’ve played in YEARS!

    Usually a nation falls and it’s over.  Or the victor is determined well in advance and it’s just time and dice.  In this game Japan folded under to strong American play quickly (didn’t help that you made the mistake of having Italy retake China from Russia which drained Japan of funds.)  England was sucker punched by a Sea Lion in round 6.  And now it is Italy and Germany vs Russia (with some minor nuisance runs from America, which you more than make up for by paradropping infantry on Brazil every 5 rounds or so.)

  • I admit it is probably the most fun game I may have ever played.

    And all that is what really bothers me about '42. Japan was irrelevant after the loss of its main Navy that early and I think this really points out just how bad the balance is '42. If Japan was put in the same position in a '41 or AAR game the game would have ended weeks ago. Also I realized Japan was more or less toast as far as an offensive power and that is why Italy took India. I somewhat overlook England falling as far as having that big of an influence on the game because it was a decision of England or Russia for Germany.

    I do need to play another game or two of the '42 scenario but so far with the exception of this game which I say again is like the exception to every rule in Axis and Allies have all been over relatively quickly and clearly Axis victories.

  • That’s one epic game.

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